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1st Oct 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #38

It was yet another exceptional week for esports jobs, with the likes of Splyce and CLG hiring!

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another dive through the best 10 esports jobs we’ve posted this week. It was especially difficult to choose this time around, with a whole host of epic careers - and internships - cropping up over the last seven days.

Our final list is something that will give hope to any esports job hunter, from how awesome these vacancies if nothing else.

Let’s get going!

Our first role is another epic position in Texas, which has established a reputation over the past year or two as a hot-spot of esports activity and, therefore, careers in the scene. GG Esports Academy is a team operated by Infinite Esports & Entertainment, the parent company of OpTic Gaming, and is looking to expand its staff in the form of a League of Legends maestro to take up the position of head coach.

In this position you’ll be shaping the League of Legends talents of tomorrow alongside a seasoned staff of esports professionals in an ecosystem that GG Esports refers to as industry-leading. That’s definitely a nice work environment to find yourself in.

You’ll work in the practice sessions, whilst reviewing demos and during rest times with the team to develop a productive culture with the players.

As you’d imagine from a coaching job, your League of Legends knowledge must be second to none, and you must be capable of designing innovative strategies in game. GG Esports Academy are therefore asking you to have some experience in the professional scene of League of Legends, and are looking only for candidates who can work from their offices in Frisco.

A persuasive cover letter is needed for this job, so we’ll let you League fanatics get to creating that for this banger of a job!

This next role is one that our CS:GO fans in particular will fall in love with...

Turner Sports is the media conglomerate behind the brilliant production that is ELEAGUE, an esports tournament circuit that features CS:GO and FGC games. Despite only being around in esports for a few years, they’ve already hosted two CS:GO Major tournaments along with several of their own events.

This internship of theirs is great for how hands-on you’ll get with one of the largest event organizers in the scene, as well as the fact that it’s paid on a competitive wage. If you’re a student studying in college or have graduated within 6 months, then you definitely want to check this out!

Some of your responsibilities in this digital internship include writing website copy, updating live scores during events and helping out the ELEAGUE team in the smoothness of their live stream.

Turner is asking that you commit somewhere between 8-12 weeks in this internship, along with having a 3.0 GPA or higher. ELEAGUE is a tournament organizer known for nailing their productions, so knowledge and interest in esports is crucial to have.

Few things will set you up as nicely in esports as coming out of an internship with ELEAGUE, so we’d encourage anyone able to apply for this to do it. It could be a career-shaper!

We can always count on these guys to bring the heat when it comes to esports careers…

Fnatic is hiring once more, further cementing themselves as one of the most global and established esports organizations that exists. This time it’s a PR manager that they’re after who can shape their communications strategy.

What this means is that you’ll spend time researching media targets that you can develop communications strategies with to boost the visibility of Fnatic. Media in general will form a large portion of your job, as you’ll also deal with inbound media inquiries for Fnatic and prepare any interview manuscripts. Being a natural people person with a network of esports professionals will help you in this, too, as you’ll be building relationships with key figures within the industry to increase brand awareness.

They’re looking for a media shark that can blow away their defined success metrics with the coverage Fnatic receives, with their preference being someone with 5 or more years of experience in PR & marketing. Proactive individuals are preferred in this role, something common to see referenced in esports jobs.

We shouldn’t need to list out the perks of this role to sell it to you, but just to make this even more a sweet opportunity you’ll be treated with a stack of tech gear from the brand’s peripheral arm - Fnatic Gear - as well as discounts on Fnatic products. That all amounts to one epic job!

Speaking of epic jobs, few things constitute as one quite like remote social media roles…

Battlefy is an esports company based out of Canada that has a platform which hosts esports tournaments and competitions, making it easy for league organizers to host matches as well as for players to find competitive games. They also post a brilliant amount of remote, full-time jobs in esports, which means we always get excited when we see a career from this company.

And this remote job is a real gem. As their full-time social media manager, you’ll be working from home to strategize the company’s social media plan along with their marketing team, interact with the followers of Battlefy across multiple social platforms and attempt to win the favor of influencers for them to promote the Battlefy platform. Everyone loves the chance to make social media their full-time role, especially in an industry with as many great characters as esports. When that opportunity is then remote, we really do love to see it.

With great power, comes great responsibility. This phrase might not be super transferable to this, but with epic jobs do usually come intermediate experience requirements. Battlefy is looking for a candidate with 2-5 years of experience in a social media role with a company that operates in a B2C capacity.

Along with the experience requirement, you’ll also need to be experienced with crafting creative and engaging tweets and posts on Facebook.

On top of this being a full-time remote job, your benefits in this job will also include competitive salary, medical and dental benefits and UNLIMITED vacation time. We don’t know about you, but we think that’s something to get hyped about.

Just like remote social media work, any full-time video editing gets us hyped up…

Working for the epic Ginx TV gives you the unmissable opportunity of assisting in the televised production of an esports show, which is definitely a cool bragging point.

What your focus will be in this job is creating brilliant video creatives for all of the company’s media platforms including their social media channels and digital properties. Along with this you’ll produce motion graphics for use in their broadcasts, select appropriate music tracks for the videos you produce and even work on the live production itself on occasion.

Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro will need to be your playground, as you’ll use these programs to bring a quality feel to Ginx’s productions.

Oh, and one of the best things? Ginx aren’t restricting top talent by slapping unreasonable years of experience requirements on this job. So long as you’re an esports enthusiast with great video editing skills and an understanding of what appeals to the target audience of Ginx (21-35 year old males and females) then you’re in the running to secure this excellent position!

It was a surprise to see this next company looking to hire brilliant esports staff…

Cheddar, a media company that that focuses on tech news and business, is hiring an associate producer to work on a daily esports show they’re cooking up. You’ll outfit the production with all sorts of content goodness including news pieces and updates on the esports industry, interviews with figures from around the scene and even graphics at times.

Because of the varied duties, they’re looking for a self-starter who can take on this workload on a daily basis that preferably has already experienced a live studio environment. You can’t be against multi-tasking, either; it will be a daily occurrence for you!

Some of the more tangible requirements Cheddar have of you include 2 years of experience in production and journalism, so that you have the skills needed to bring excellent written work to a live broadcast, as well as an unshakable love for esports. They also require you to be familiar with ENPS or a similar software, and would prefer a candidate who has written about business or finance news in the past.

It’s an eclectic list of requirements, but if you’ve been able to tick most of them off then be sure to join this huge company in their foray into esports.

Epics Digital Collectibles is a company that is bringing digital collector's items to esports audiences in the form of quirky player cards that display the attributes of your favorite CS:GO pros. Just in the last few weeks they’ve partnered with FACEIT for the London Major and with BLAST Pro Series for their event in Istanbul to provide event-specific cards for the players competing there.

What brings this company into our jobs roundup was this wicked posting for a creative designer to join them in their office in Bath in the United Kingdom. Some of the things you’ll put your creative thinking to for the company includes their trading cards, graphics for use in marketing campaigns and exceptional presentations that’s quality would be at home in some of the world’s biggest brands.

Epics state that they don’t care about degrees, and how an impressive portfolio will be the main deciding factor in their choosing of candidates. That said, they are looking for people with around 3 years of professional experience, but don’t limit the talent they attract and include that junior designers with a promising application will also be considered. We need to see more of this approach in esports!

Time for a job with a top esports organization...

Splyce is a North American esports organization that is really making waves in the scene. In 2019 they’ll be adding an Overwatch League roster to their already-substantial number of teams, making them an org that a fan of any esports title would feel at home in.

The role they’re looking to fill is a full-time video editor position from their Rochester, NY office. They’re an org that is all about their content, so you’ll be kept busy in this job through various projects including short documentary videos, trailers, and in game footage highlights. Music is as important as visuals in some pieces of content, and you’ll need to be capable of equipping what you produce with audio elements that enhance what the viewer is watching.

Splyce is looking for an accomplished professional in this role, with 3 years of past experience in the field being their asking price for picking up this gig. Despite video being your main focus, they also ask for 3 years of experience using Photoshop and Illustrator, suggesting that you’ll have a hand in all things visual for the org. Esports has such a strong presence on Twitter, so you’ll need sufficient social media knowledge to know what kind of video types and dimensions work best on each platform.

Only on HitmarkerJobs.com do you see two jobs of this calibre in a row…

Another giant among the North American esports organizations, Counter Logic Gaming, is next on the hiring stool, and it’s an operational leader that they’re looking for who can help manage the organization and define its strategy going into the future.

Your main areas of focus in this role include assisting the organization’s esports director in implementing short and long term plans for the company, overseeing CLG coaching staff and monitoring the players in each of the org’s teams to suggest solutions to improve both individual player performance and team performance.

As you’ll be ascertaining where CLG players could improve, you’ll need brilliant knowledge of esports titles, the players competing and coaching staff. They also require you to have intermediate past experience in operations or analytics, preferably with a management focus defining this experience.

You don’t see opportunities that let you influence such an epic organization in such an apparent way come along very frequently, so this is one that our experienced managers need to jump on.

We’re ending things on a high with the chance to work in the content department in an organization renowned for their esports content…

betway esports has entered the industry with a storm, packing their Twitter and YouTube feeds full of imaginative content, ranging from everything from interview mashups with esports pros to dank memes.

As their content production manager, it will be your responsibility to ensure their content output remains at such a high quality. You’ll lead the content strategy for betway in esports along with their content manager to meet your marketing goals. As well as dictating where the content will be going, you’ll also need to be proficient in producing visual assets yourself. Video and graphic design skills are both things asked for by betway in their advert.

The other requirements you’ll need to meet are having exceptional organizational skills so that you can keep on top of any events you’ll be attending, a content calendar and the other moving parts that come with planning the content marketing of a large brand.

If that sounds like you and you can translate your love for esports into superior content that can win fans over then this is a sweet gig with one of the coolest brands in the space.

If you’re a frequent reader of our weekly roundups, you’ll know that we like to end them off by telling you about what this week looked like for the jobs scene in esports.

Over the last seven days we added 118 new esports careers to the board from 71 unique companies spanning 13 different countries in the world.

344 new users signed up to use HitmarkerJobs.com for all of their career needs, growing our user base closer still to 10,000 signed up users.

Great news for the Fortnite fans that follow us: Epic Games was the most active hiring company with a total of 8 jobs!

74.83% of what we posted rewarded candidates through compensation, meaning a solid number of the careers we posted allowed you to earn from your passion.

Here’s the spread of where our jobs were located:

  • USA - 59 jobs
  • Remote - 24 jobs
  • UK - 14 jobs
  • Germany - 7 jobs
  • Canada - 3 jobs
  • Australia - 2 jobs
  • Hong Kong - 2 jobs
  • Spain - 2 jobs
  • Japan - 1 job
  • Netherlands - 1 job
  • Russia - 1 job
  • South Korea - 1 job
  • Ukraine - 1 job

And the contract layout for our careers was follows:

  • Full-time - 69 jobs
  • Freelance - 12 jobs
  • Part-time - 1 job

And our unpaid roles:

  • Internships - 19 roles
  • Volunteer - 17 roles

It was a mad week for internships, with companies all over the world opening up their programs for 2019, either early on in the year or in the summer. We always thoroughly look over the jobs that get submitted to us, too, and ensure that no volunteer roles are wrongly listed as internships, so you can rest assured that internships will offer great experience in return for your time.

That concludes our 38th weekly roundup! We encourage you to check in with us again next Monday - as you’ve hopefully seen we post some really hot careers in this feature.

Until then!