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8th Oct 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #39

We had more top teams hiring this week in esports than ever before.

Welcome, new and returning readers, to the 39th edition of the HitmarkerJobs.com weekly roundup. From the vast numbers of esports jobs we post each month we narrow them down into the 10 best, most epic careers for this weekly feature.

This week was something truly special indeed, with every company featured being established in the scene.

We’ve told you how great these careers are, so now let us show you…

NRG Esports came in and planted two smashing careers with us, both for master creatives able to supplement their brand with stunning visuals.

The one we’re highlighting in the roundup is their position for a Graphic Designer / Art Director. Answering to the organization’s Chief Content Officer, you will assist marketing campaigns and other projects for NRG by making them look as visually pleasing as possible.

Also under your umbrella will be the creation of graphics for the brand’s social media, producing materials to be used in email blasts and even physical products (which could mean you’d be designing awesome NRG merch).

With the San Francisco Shock being the Overwatch team of NRG, you’d also be assisting in their design efforts. All in all, the influence you’d have over the visual identity of two epic esports organizations makes this an unmissable role if you’ve worked in graphic design for a minimum of three years.

We’re sticking on the track of epic creative jobs with esports teams in this next role…

The Philadelphia Fusion, runners up of the inaugural Overwatch League season, has a talent for posting some of the best esports jobs we see, and they aren’t slacking with this role.

What they’re looking for their creative director to do is lead the creative vision of the company as well as building the foundations for the long-term brand identity to become a gaming and lifestyle leader.

The ways you’ll do this are by distributing content across a variety of different mediums, and dictating the content strategy of the Fusion. You’ll dictate the direction that the content you produce goes in and will look in and outside of the company for people to recruit and set to work on additional creative projects.

Having past experience in designing websites will also help you out, as you’ll be overseeing the Fusion’s website creation.

Any job with “director” in its title should warn you to the experience level required, and this role is no different. 7 years in digital media is what the company is looking for from their candidate, along with a college degree that they’d hope to see in a course related to film or design.

Having past experience in branded content or esports will also come in to assist your application.

Whether you’re a fan of this next team or not, you’ll definitely appreciate how epic their vacancy is…

Fnatic, one of the largest organizations in the whole of esports, is looking to hire someone who can assist in their brand partnerships through delivering world class strategy to their sponsors.

And as one of the largest brands in esports, it’s no surprise that Fnatic is partnered with some epic companies in gaming and the entertainment industry as a whole. These include Monster Energy, OnePlus and AMD.

Working with some of these massive brands, your job as partnership manager would be to deliver a successful partnership to them in their eyes through exceptional account management. You’ll assist in ideation of ways for Fnatic partners to endemically engage with the millions of followers the brand has, while keeping the partnerships team in the loop with updates and any obstacles you might run into.

One of the key things that Fnatic is looking for in this role is someone with exceptional account management ability. 3 years of experience where you dealt great service out to clients is what they’re asking for. As well as this they’d like you to know about sponsorships and the digital media landscape, knowing how the two combine into ways that brands can engage with an audience.

If you think you’re up for the challenge and are ready to get involved with some of the biggest brands in the space for one on the biggest teams in esports then you’ll want to get applying!

We love jobs that get candidates involved in esports leagues and events, and few do so quite as much as this…

Counter Logic Gaming, one of North America’s most established esports organizations, is looking to bring on a League of Legends expert to join their squad and lead them to success in the NA LCS. It’s certainly been a week for big opportunities in the scene, but this one might have to take the cake.

Your chief responsibility in this role will be ensuring the success of the CLG team in the NA LCS. You’ll do this through building out your coaching staff, deciding upon the roster used in the LCS and hone the team’s potency in practice sessions. As you’d be in such a pivotal position for the company, weekly meetings with the organization’s management will be a commonplace in your schedule as you debrief them on all important happenings in the squad.

The organization asks that you bring at least 2 years of experience in professional League of Legends coaching or as a pro player in the game. Knowledge of using past demos of matches to develop intuitive strategies and anti-strats is also desirable. As the leader of the team, experience in leading personnel is also vital to show that you can carry the CLG LoL team to victory.

This really is a dream come true kind of job, with direct involvement in a franchise so heavily involved in League of Legends.

Talking of League of Legends…

The Golden Guardians is the League of Legends squad from the NBA team the Golden State Warriors, and one of the newest teams to join the league. Aside from the obvious draw of working in the esports division of such a giant sports brand, you’ll also have the chance to directly shape the brand’s visual identity in this job.

The organization’s design needs will fall directly into your basket, where you’ll work on branding assets, marketing materials, team merchandise and even the office design of the company. Truly you will be able to unleash your creativity to pioneer the artistic needs for the Golden Guardians.

The company is after an experienced designer to take up this position for them, as you’ll have huge input to the brand and will also be coordinating with freelance artists outside of the company in order to deliver a consistent stream of high quality designs, easing your workload.

The years of experience that Golden Guardians is asking for is 3 years creating digital assets, along with a bachelor’s degree in Art or a related sector. The other job requirements shouldn’t be an issue for anyone considering this job - they include knowledge of Photoshop and knowledge of esports and gaming.

Those skills fall under your umbrella? Come and chase the dream!

Despite their global reach, we don’t catch these next guys hiring too often…

The company behind FaZe Clan - a gaming and lifestyle brand that fields teams in esports - is hiring for someone to step into the company full-time to manage the numerous talent and influencers under the FaZe umbrella.

One of your primary responsibilities is to oversee the company’s talent roster and act as a go-between between brands that FaZe works with and their influencers. Understanding the strengths and what audience each talent member appeals to will also be beneficial, as you’ll be matching members of FaZe’s talent pool with interested brands to produce branded content together.

Some of your other job duties will include reaching out to brands around the scene, agents and partners to produce branded content with them and assessing growing trends across the YouTube content space that your talent roster can leverage for their brands.

This is a super exciting role, but with the level of influence you would have on some of the biggest digital influencers out there FaZe Clan is looking for an experienced professional. A bachelor’s degree and 3+ years in managing talent is what the company is asking for. Organization skills are imperative in this role where you’ll be handling multiple projects at once.

We bet there’s a lot of you out there who grew up with gaming content from this next company…

Machinima, a huge video producer that focuses on games and the gaming world, is hiring for an esports video aficionado to join their team in Burbank. Several years ago Machinima were the channel that would produce the most high quality gaming video content out there, so it’s warming to see them spread their attention to esports.

What they’re looking for you to do is work on producing daily content to be posted on Facebook and YouTube for a top esports league. You’ll produce original content for their channels, including promotional videos and entertaining content.

What the company requires from you is a solid grounding in Call of Duty and CS:GO, as well as the FPS genre as a whole. Like many esports jobs, Machinima ask for a candidate that is a proven self-starter, and is able to put together a video package from start to finish that is created with use on Facebook and YouTube in mind.

They’re looking for someone to start as soon as possible, so waste no time getting the applications in!

We have a lot of followers who appreciate epic Fortnite jobs, and that’s exactly what this one is...

The Sentinels is an esports organization that operates the Overwatch League team the Los Angeles Gladiators, and is looking for a Fortnite specialist that can manage their social media pages and grow their community. They want someone who can be the voice for the organization and can create original and engaging content with the purpose of appealing to the brand’s fanbase.

Some of the ways you might be doing this is through your coverage of the organization’s matches and using the team in any relevant trending content types.

While some of your focus will be on growing the social channels, you’ll also be nurturing the established community already behind the brand. One of your job responsibilities is to build up a team of Discord moderators who you can work with to ensure the conversation is always heading in a positive direction in the channels.

If you love nothing more than dropping off the Battle Bus and have familiarity with social media management tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer, then you’ll need to check this job out!

Here’s an answer to the question “How do I get into esports?” - you should check out this internship!

What you’ll be doing in this internship with theScore Esports, one of the largest news and media platforms within in the scene, is assisting in the company in the content they produce.

This varies from researching content for the shows and content theScore produce to helping out in their content efforts across Snapchat and YouTube, to name just a few platforms.

You’ll learn the imperative skill of being reactive to news dropping a fast-paced newsroom environment and will also educate yourself on the trends that follow video content, social media and esports.

One of the requirements you’ll need to meet in this internship with theScore is to work weekends and evenings on occasion. This certainly does act as an introduction to esports with the round-the-clock exposure!

In such an awesome week we were always going to be ending things off with a spectacular job, and we’re certain you’ll like this one…

The Overwatch League teams have hit the esports jobs scene with banger after banger since the League was formed, and now we can add full-time event management to the list of opportunities they’ve created. The LA Gladiators are looking for a candidate that is able to organize events for both the team and its community. This means experience in event planning and the ability to come up with creative ideas will be worth their weight in gold.

Some of your (awesome) job duties will be to act as a brand representative at other esports events and conferences and, of course, managing all factors of organizing events. From coordinating with third-party vendors and suppliers to picking out sites, Los Angeles Gladiators events will have you behind them pulling the strings.

The company is looking for someone with prior experience in the sector of event management, of at least 2 years, as well as the organizational skills necessary to pull off an in-depth and detailed event.

We think that’s a pretty great way to end of the jobs section of our weekly roundup! We’ve got some pretty interesting statistics to give you an idea of the state of the esports job scene if you’re sticking around with us…

Over the last 7 days we had 282 new users sign up to use our website. A big thanks from all of us to everyone who keeps helping us grow so quickly!

Epic Games were the most active employer, as they so frequently are. This past week the developer’s behind Fortnite posted 9 esports jobs in total, showing just how much their hit Battle Royale game has altered the company.

It was a great week for the frequency of jobs in esports. We posted 134 careers in the scene over the past week, and a solid 78.36% of these were paid.

As usual the USA was the most active destination for finding esports careers. Here is our full breakdown of how the location spread of jobs was like:

  • The USA - 57 jobs
  • Remote - 29 jobs
  • The UK - 13 jobs
  • Canada - 7 jobs
  • Spain - 7 jobs
  • Germany - 5 jobs
  • Netherlands - 4 jobs
  • China - 2 jobs
  • Hong Kong - 2 jobs
  • Singapore - 2 jobs
  • Bulgaria - 1 job
  • France - 1 job
  • Israel - 1 job
  • Japan - 1 job
  • Malaysia - 1 job
  • South Korea - 1 job

As we mentioned, 78.36% of the careers we posted were paid, and here’s a more detailed look at the numbers that brought together that figure.

For our paid jobs we had:

  • Full-time - 92 jobs
  • Freelance - 10 jobs
  • Part-time - 4 jobs

For our unpaid roles we had:

  • Volunteer - 21 roles
  • Internships - 7 roles

Overall it was a great week for us, especially through the quality of the careers we posted! When so many elite teams around the scene are hiring, that’s a good sign for everyone!

We’re sure we’ll see you here next Monday for a journey through that week’s top 10 jobs.

Until then!