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2nd Feb 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #4

A new take on some of the best jobs in esports from companies like War Child, Miami Heat, Ader and Battlefy.

Welcome to our fourth Weekly Roundup, where we highlight some of the coolest jobs in esports from the last seven days. This is for all of you hard-working folks looking for the chance to grow your careers in the industry!

You've probably noticed that it's been a busy time in the esports recruiting scene, with a massive 90 new gaming roles being posted on the board since this time last week.

Let's get started by jumping into the stats, which we know you all love so much!

• Those 90 jobs we mentioned came from 39 different companies based in 5 different countries, with Activision accounting for a massive 17.78% (16) of them and Blizzard for 13.33% (12).

• Unsurprisingly the good old USA again led the way with an enormous 67.78% (61) of the opportunities hailing from there. 23.33% (21) were Remote (Anywhere), while Canada and the UK accounted for 3.33% (3) each. Sweden was also back in the mix this week, thanks to DreamHack's new opportunities with 2.22% (2).

• Contractually, an impressive 63.33% (57) of the 90 jobs hiring were full-time paid, with 5.56% (5) being part-time paid and just 3.33% (3) being freelance. This week was VERY busy on the internship front (solely because Activision released their Summer 2018 openings), with 11.11% (10) in total. Finally, 16.67% (15) were volunteer work for splendid up-and-coming esports organisations like Helix Gamers League and Guile eSports.

• All-in-all 72.22% of all the roles posted on Hitmarker this week were paid, which is what we like to see! GG to all of you organisations hiring in esports.

Alright then, let's get to it!

We've got a very obvious starting point this week, because we were delighted to see War Child UK advertising a job in gaming. If you were like us and you didn't know that they were in any way related to the scene, give them a follow on Twitter to see what they're up to.

Here's their awesome job, which was posted last Saturday:

Alongside the glow you'd get from working for a truly noble organisation, a starting salary in the £26-30k range and the potential for occasional travel for events to Europe and the USA make this our favourite job of the week.

They're looking for someone to start ASAP and the closing date is February 18th, so if we've piqued your interest then head on over and read the full description now!

If this isn't for you but you ARE looking for something UK-based, then did you know we have a dedicated page for jobs from this fair isle? You're welcome! #DamienSandow

Next up is a little something, something related to the #NBA2KLeague, which is gathering pace at the moment as we head towards the second stage of tryouts:

It's only the Miami HEAT! *Insert flame emoji here* Oh we're sorry, Craft 2 doesn't support emojis... but fear not because Craft 3 DOES, and we're in the progress of upgrading!

This is a really superb opportunity for someone who could work in Florida, and unlike a lot of the jobs we see that ask for a ridiculous amount of experience, to be in the mix for this one you only need to have two years in professional esports behind you!

If you've got a degree in technology, business, communications or a related field then the least you can do is take a look at the full details and apply if you tick all of the boxes.

Now for a new name to us, and probably to you too:

Ader is a global digital media marketplace, with a HQ in Burbank. They're looking for someone with a year of advertising or marketing experience behind them and a passion for esports and gaming. Not necessarily a high bar to begin with, right? It's definitely worth reading more on this one folks, because it looks like a really nice position.

We were alerted to this role by Emily Swanson on Twitter who works as their Account Manager and is involved in the recruitment process, so if you have any questions then there's your point of contact! She's super nice, don't worry!

From one super nice point of contact to another, but this time up there in Canada:

Jaime Bueza is involved with engineering at Battlefy and is constantly promoting their roles on Twitter, so give him a follow if you're interested in software, web development and other various coding-type stuff!

These guys are based in Vancouver and they're seeking someone with extremely high engineering standards who has the type of personality to coach and mentor others in this very senior role. There's a great salary and a bunch of awesome benefits on offer, including stock, paid time off and your choice of equipment.

If you're in that general area and have an engineering skillset then you'd be crazy to pass this one up! From the outside Battlefy seem like genuinely good guys and girls to work for, so they deserve your attention.

Now for something you don't see every day...

...a big old behemoth of a company like Razer offering a three-month freelance Graphic Design position that could turn into something more!

This is for a candidate with over two years of design experience and solid communication skills. You won't be surprised to hear that we've already taken a bunch of strong applications, but there's ALWAYS room for a few more.

So If you want to throw your hat into the ring, then you know what to do.

Oh, here's something else you don't see every day...

...a remote... part-time... Social Media & PR Manager role! We had to double check that the details were correct with this one, but they are! You don't often see flexibility in terms of location AND in terms of hours, but here you have it. Thanks Thunder Media, you beautiful people!

So, if you have superior knowledge of CS:GO and other esports in addition to social media marketing experience and an understanding of SEO, keyword research and Google Analytics then we urge you, nay we compel you, to read more and apply now!

International Women's Day is only a month or so away and there was a really great hashtag on Twitter this week #girlsbehindthegames (which was followed by the more politically correct #womenbehindthegames), so this next job is highlighted with that in mind:

The Female Pro League's mission is to enrich, support and highlight the female gaming community through online gaming events, so it's pretty apt that they signed up with us and posted their first job this week! We have to be totally honest and say that we're five guys (burgers and fries) here at Hitmarker, but we still love what these awesome ladies do.

SO, if you love Call of Duty, have the temperament to officiate live matches in a fast-moving environment and have access to a PS4 then you should take a deeper dive into this role and apply if you like what you see (hint: you will).

Now for the final one of the week, which is one of Activision's Summer 2018 Internships:

This opportunity just says "USA" because it's being offered in FIVE different locations: Albany (New York), Northern and Southern California, Madison (Wisconsin) and Boulder (Colorado).

Quite impressive that a British boy knew all of those state short codes, eh?

It calls for a motivated student with experience of engineering tools and methods like Github, unit testing and continuous integration, but if that's totally not your thing then there are also internships available in Animation, Art and UX/UI Design with MIT too.

Further still, Activision have also partnered up with Brown, Stanford and UC Berkeley to offer even more Analytics roles!

That's quite the stable right there! Maybe even Four Horseman level (boy, we hope there are some wrestling fans reading today...)

So that's it for week four! We hope you appreciated the more abridged version of our Weekly Roundup (insisted upon by our co-founder, who's a notoriously slow reader) and that there's something in here that's caught your eye.

Remember to follow us on Twitter @HitmarkerJobs and please feel free to engage with us on DMs, which are always open!

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January was our busiest month ever in terms of jobs posted, candidates and companies signing up, applications made AND unique views so you might as well get in while the going is good!

See you same time, same place next week,

The Hitmarker Team


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