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15th Oct 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #40

This week boasted our highest percentage of paid esports jobs to date!

This edition of the Weekly Roundup marks our 40th entry into the series, meaning we’ve now looked at 400 jobs in detail in these features! Across these we’ve encountered some truly stunning careers and we have another 10 right here for you to apply to.

Let’s get going!

We feel like we have to start off this roundup with a preview of perhaps the greatest job we had submitted to us this week. FaZe Clan, the gaming superpower with a network of influencers and esports teams, is looking for somebody with considerable experience in digital/social marketing to spearhead their online marketing efforts in the future.

That means you’ll be developing a social media marketing strategy, which includes some really high profile pages such as their Twitter account with over 3.5 million followers!

One of your wider duties will be to grow the subscriber base on the brand, picking up new followers in creative ways and turning existing ones to become brand advocates for FaZe.

Now we mentioned how they’re looking for considerable experience to fill this role, and we meant it. FaZe is asking for somebody with at least 5 years in social/digital marketing, along with 2 years of personnel management. You don’t get to contribute to the FaZe social channels without having built other brands up after all!

Your rewards match the epicness of this job. On offer is the chance to work in a start-up, where you’ll even be able to pick up some equity which, in a company as large as FaZe, is definitely an epic point to see included.

We’ve set the bar high with this job, but thankfully this week’s jobs can carry the flame on…

The Golden State Warriors, one of the largest brands in the sporting world, is hiring for a creative mastermind to take control of the visual identity of the Warriors’ esports team, the Golden Guardians. Currently competing in the LCS through their franchised spot, this job would give you the chance to get involved in a huge brand early on in their lifespan as you influence all areas of their brand identity.

Some of the areas of the Golden Guardians that you’ll be able to touch are their branding, motion graphics for use in videos of the team, team merchandise and even the office design! We’d say that’s pretty in-line with allowing your creativity to run loose.

As you’ll have a large amount of control over how the brand is presented to the scene, the Golden Guardians are asking for at least 3 years of experience in a field where you created digital assets to meet the criteria for this job.On top of this you’ll need the technical skills to see that experience through such as Photoshop expertise and a talent for photography, motion graphics and more.

Needless to say, if you’re all about design then you’ll be all about this job!

If you really want to influence the esports scene, check out our next job...

DreamHack, one of the biggest esports tournament and event organizers out there, is looking for a marketing manager to work with them from Dallas. Included in your job responsibilities is leading the marketing strategy for DreamHack in the USA. That’s a pretty awesome task!

The ways in which you’ll do this include, of course, marketing any DreamHack events that they take to the States alongside a team of brand ambassadors and volunteers. You’ll also spread awareness of the brand in other ways such as through contacting high schools and universities, attending local events and building relationships with gaming and esports influencers in the USA with the aim of having them attend DH events in the future.

Surprisingly, DreamHack aren’t looking for someone with a world of experience to fill this role - something else that makes them a truly great esports brand. What their requirements are for this role is that candidates possess a degree in a field related to marketing and have 2 years of related professional experience. When you think about how massive this job is, that doesn’t sound too bad!

A chance like this isn’t something that an experienced marketer can neglect applying to!

Now for a job that was really positively received by you all…

Upcomer is a platform that condenses all of the relevant esports matches and scores into one place, making it easy for you to keep track of your favorite games. This is one of 4 jobs they posted, but is the only one that is remote. The fact that it can be worked from anywhere in the world, is part-time so doesn’t require your full commitment and that it includes lots of social media and content creation makes it a winner for a lot of our followers. They’ve even nailed their job title!

What you’d be doing for Upcomer is communicating with their community through a variety of different channels, such as through their app itself and their emails, while also building yourself up as one of the faces of the brand in community videos and updates. There’ll also be social media management and working on content that will appeal to their esports fanbase.

The company is looking for you to be an avid esports fan yourself so that you can engage authentically with their audience. Being a natural people person is also desirable.

It’s two weeks in a row where we’ve had this next company on the roundup with some heat!

Competing in the Overwatch League, the Los Angeles Gladiators is looking for a sponsorship manager that can monitor their sponsorship obligations and deliver on them through marketing materials or content creation.

You’ll work closely with the Gladiator's creative team to do this, overseeing how the projects are put together to promote sponsors effectively. You’ll play a hand in ideating content that can boost a sponsor’s visibility, ensure communication is maintained between sponsors and the Gladiators and also judging finished content to ensure it is in line with what sponsors are looking for.

A bachelor’s degree in a field related to marketing/sponsorship management is required, as well as 3 years of experience in esports. As with a lot of jobs in esports, being a self-starter is also something that the company asks that you are. So even if you’re reading this and unable to apply for this job, think of ways you can show you’re a self-starter; it honestly is a mainstay in a lot of the best esports jobs!

This job really appealed to us for two reasons…

Firstly, we love seeing full-time graphic design positions in esports. Secondly, the east coast is severely lacking of esports jobs compared to the west coast and Texas, so whenever we see a great job like this one over there we’re always hyped to see it.

Forward Gaming, who currently field a top Dota 2 team, is looking to bring on a full-time graphic designer to work in their New York office. This is one of four jobs that they have up, including some full-time social media if that’s more your speed!

In this graphic design role, you will be tasked with developing an exceptional visual identity for Forward Gaming. Marketing materials, social media graphics and assets for the product team are all things that you’ll work on in this role.

They’re looking for somebody with past experience in the sector, and they ask for 3 years of graphic design experience in a professional capacity. Microsoft Office and Google Docs proficiency is also asked for which isn’t something we see mentioned in every graphic design job.

You’ll catch bonus points from them if you have a bachelor’s degree or if you’re fluent in Russian and Chinese.

Any of our fellow Brits looking for work…?

Code Red Esports is an agency that works within esports and involves Paul “Redeye” Chaloner working with the company, which should give you some insight into how authentic they are as a brand.

What Code Red is looking for is a campaign executive to work remotely from anywhere within in the United Kingdom on growing their agency. This will be through working with their clients to deliver top notch, quality service and ideas. You’ll perform consultancy work for clients, conduct market research and any other issues that you’re approached with. All the while, you’ll be scouting out new business opportunities that the company can pounce on.

One of the greatest things about this job (besides the fact that it can be worked remotely if you’re in the United Kingdom) is that the requirements mentioned are lenient to juniors in the scene with talent above their earned experience. Code Red asks for impeccable written English and a knowledge of Microsoft Office - especially Excel and Powerpoint - and that candidates be proactive and motivated with a strong work ethic.

Besides that, it’s up to how much you impress them in your application! There aren’t any crazy experience requirements being thrown around in this job.

We used to have a job sector for fashion design but we recently amalgamated it into our Design sector. Maybe we should have left it as is...

Splyce, one of the leading North American esports organizations and one that will be managing the Overwatch League franchise belonging to Toronto for the next reason is looking to hire a remote, freelance fashion designer. The chief responsibility in this role will be to outfit their apparel and merchandise with awesome designs that appeal to their fan base.

Unlike the previous job with Code Red, Splyce are not looking for a junior candidate. Indeed, they ask that you have extensive experience in fashion design. They’re also looking for somebody who’s a self starter.

Working remotely for the organization, you’d provide the creative director and the merchandise coordinator with possible designs for the team’s merchandise. This will be done digitally by sending design ideas over CAD. You’ll need to think about the whole merchandise process, from the designs on the items to the fabrics and colors used in garments.

This is a really exciting opportunity - for the fact that not only is it a remote paid position with Splyce, but for how rare these sorts of roles in esports are.

We know our roundups often include some awesome video editing, and we’re happy to say we’re keeping the tradition alive!

One of the leading forces of how frequently esports jobs open up in Dallas has been Team Envy, who hire for their headquarters there with exceptional roles. This video editing position is no exception.

The main areas you’ll work on are video editing and motion graphic design. You’ll use your skill in these areas to produce real-life content, as well as delving into game demos and past footage to produce beautiful videos for the Envy fanbase to consume.

The list of requirements in this role is quite lengthy, as you’ll be producing all sorts of video content, including long and short-form content and teaser videos. Having an affinity for how music can bolster a video is also important.

The more tangible requirements they have of you are 3 years of experience using editing software, preferably Adobe Premiere, along with 3 years of experience using Photoshop.

We’ve got one last job for you, and it should appeal to our CS:GO fans.

CS:GO is something particularly relevant to Denmark at the moment as Astralis show no signs of slowing down their fiery form, and this job gives you a chance to get involved in the local scene of the country.

And this organization is wasting no time in declaring their intentions. They mention how they plan to be the number 1 organization in Denmark, so should be interesting to monitor on their quest for that.

As their CS:GO manager, you’ll fit into that vision through handling all aspects of their CS:GO team. This includes making sure the players are comfortable and have everything they need, as well as planning for the future of the team and how that ties in with company business goals.

For this freelance role, Copenhagen Flames ask that you understand how tournaments in esports operate so that you can effectively enter the team into events and coordinate their schedules, as well as being able to keep them within budget. As the manager to the players, you must also be able to solve any issues that might arise in the squad.

Those were our 10 best jobs from the last seven days for you! There’s definitely some awesome careers to be had from that pile, and we’re sending you all of our energy if you apply to one!

If you have time, why not stick around to see what the esports job scene looked like this week statistically? We’ll give you a hint: we saw a higher percentage of paid careers this week than we ever have before…

That’s right, an impressive 84.21% of our 114 jobs from the last week were paid in some capacity, with full-time being the overwhelming majority as usual.

Upcomer, featured on this list, was the most active hirer in esports this week, posting 4 jobs.

In fact, it was active all around for us, as we welcomed another 311 signed up users into the HitmarkerJobs.com family!

There were 18 different countries hiring this week, which you can see below:

  • USA - 54 jobs
  • Remote - 27 jobs
  • UK - 8 jobs
  • Germany - 4 jobs
  • France - 3 jobs
  • Sweden - 3 jobs
  • Denmark - 2 jobs
  • India - 2 jobs
  • Turkey - 2 jobs
  • Australia - 1 job
  • Canada - 1 job
  • China - 1 job
  • Finland - 1 job
  • Mexico - 1 job
  • Netherlands - 1 job
  • Poland - 1 job
  • Russia - 1 job
  • Spain - 1 job

This is what the contract spread looked like on HitmarkerJobs.com on our best week ever for paid roles:

  • Full-time - 79 jobs
  • Freelance - 10 jobs
  • Part-time - 5 jobs

Over on the unpaid side of things, it looked as follows:

  • Volunteer - 17 roles
  • Internship - 3 roles

Thanks for spending time with us in yet another weekly roundup.

Happy applying from all of us here and we’ll see you next Monday!