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22nd Oct 2018 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #41

Sporting our new site design, we had to make this week's roundup something special!

Welcome back to the HitmarkerJobs.com Weekly Roundup where, if you’re a frequent reader, you’ll have noticed we’ve revamped the site to a much fresher look. It seems only right that this week’s careers be suitably epic to mark the occasion!

Let’s dive right into them!

Starting things off is something everyone in esports likes to see: full-time remote work. With the global attraction of the scene but such a restricted number of locations seeing a fair number of jobs (we’re looking at you, California), it’s brilliant when a job pops up that lets you make your passion your full-time career from anywhere in the world.

As Ultimate Media Ventures Director of Merchandising, you’ll be doing exactly that. This company is behind the esports apparel brand ULT, and you’ll be playing a large role in this brand as you oversee the marketing strategies, business metrics and product development.

As such, you’ll need to bring lots of merchandising/product development experience to this job, as well as the business know-how to sell and market the products you produce.

The great thing about remote working is that if you have that background, you’re free to apply! As long as you have the availability to work full-time and to do some esports event travel when needed, you’re in the running for this role.

We liked the location on this next job, too...

That’s because it’s not in London! We’re based in the north of England in Newcastle, so know how many jobs are centered around London. That means we celebrate seeing an awesome role like this one that isn’t based in the capital.

Fierce PC really came in with a great job, too. Your full-time duties will be to manage the social media channels of the main Fierce PC account, as well as their esports team, Fierce Esports. This means focusing on growing the channels through clever content and paid promotion where required.

Alongside your duties in social media, Fierce also want you to handle some of their digital advertising for large product releases. This job really needs a master of digital!

If you are one and hold a degree to boot, don’t miss this epic UK esports job!

Whenever this company puts a job on our board, we know it’ll be a hot one!

Streamline Media is looking for a freelance esports writer to work on the brand Miller Internet Marketing. Since they’re a marketing agency, you’ll need to know a little bit about how to market the content you make. They’re asking that you have a demonstrated knowledge of SEO that can assist in this driving large amounts of interested traffic through organic search.

On top of this, you’ll be getting stuck in with writing to the Site Leader’s request. A crucial requirement, as is the case with all writing jobs, is impeccable grammar and written English. Knowledge of Microsoft Word and spreadsheet software is also important for you to possess.

While Streamline hasn’t put a required amount of experience on this job, it’s clear they’re looking for somebody experienced. You’ll impress them even more if you’ve worked in the gambling industry, too.

Esports writing jobs are often as short and sweet as this: write words about this glorious industry, and get paid!

We don’t just have great freelance roles for the writers this week...

Tempo Storm, and international esports organization with teams in multiple titles, is looking to expand their content team with a freelance video editor. We like this job as its duties sound nice and varied. You’ll produce videos ranging from short, funny skits to more serious strategy videos alongside everyone from Twitch streamers to pro players.

Unlike Streamline, Tempo Storm does have an experience requirement you need to meet. They ask for 2 years of experience in video content creation that you’ve distributed on multimedia channels.

If you can provide that as well as knowledge in Premiere and After Effects, don’t miss this paid job where you can negotiate your rate based on salary and experience!

In an industry with so few junior jobs, this one came in pretty clutch…

The job description is brief for this role, but the main thing you need to know is that this isn’t a role that requires past experience from you, is paid and could even lead into a full-time career after 3-6 months!

Esports One is looking for a personal assistant that has a mindset with a business development focus. This suggests you’ll be learning the ins and outs of running a business in esports which just makes it even better.

It’s something people say frequently that junior jobs in esports are far too scarce, so we’re expecting this job to be really popular with how it rectifies that!

Seeing as this work is usually done freelance, a full-time job with benefits in the sector is pretty sweet!

The observers in esports are the people choosing what perspective of the match the live broadcast is showing to fans. Out of a whole host of different points of view - from a player’s display to an birds-eye view of the action - the observers perform a vital job in the scene. Are you ready to join their ranks?

OGN America is looking to hire someone full-time to do just that. The qualifications they require are quite unique. You can apply with a bachelor’s degree, or an associate’s degree with 2 years of related experience, or with a high school education and 4 years of related experience.

This said, they will prefer candidates with some past experience in esports production on top of these requirements.

And we said this came with benefits, but you need to read the job description to appreciate just how many there are. We’re talking daily meal allowances, gym reimbursement, covering your cell phone bill up to $50 a month, a bunch of paid leave and employee activities! Talk about a great place to work!

This next place would be a pretty great place to work for a Battle Royale boss…

Just from the job title we imagine our PUBG fans are hooked. On a full-time basis, you’d be creating digital assets (primarily video editing, but with some motion graphics thrown in there too) to assist in the marketing of the game. For an avid fan of the game, we’d wager that this pretty much sums up a dream job if you’re a visual content aficionado.

To make things even better, there’s no years of experience asked for. PUBG requires that you’ve got mad Premiere skills as well as some studio experience, but aside from that leave it open for you to impress them with your portfolio and application.

For such a large company, we also love how down to earth they sound in the job description. They welcome you to join their “employee-focused” studio and promise that they read all of the cover letters they receive! Hiring needs more of this!

Could it be? Two UK esports jobs in one week that aren’t in London?

Yep! Diabolus Esports helped make the impossible happen by submitting this lovely full-time job for a video expert in the UK.

They’re looking for a committed individual that is in this for the long haul to assist in making their organization a stand-out presence in the UK scene. In this position, they state that you’ll work on video content on a daily/weekly basis in the form of product videos, interviews with players and editing in game footage from their team’s matches to turn into highlights and frag movies.

2 years of experience is what they ask for, as well as degree in a related course or the equivalent experience. We’d heavily encourage anyone applying for creative roles like this one to always send a portfolio, but in case you’re sometimes lax on this front, applying without one will stop your application dead here!

The contract begins in January 2019, with a single week of paid work happening between then, when Diabolus needs your services.

We had some already this roundup, but we’re not one to object to some more paid writing!

The job description is short and sweet, but if you’re somebody in esports looking for paid writing in the scene you probably know the drill by now. Pixelfire is looking for someone who shares their passion for esports and can cover one of the following games:

  • CS:GO
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Overwatch
  • PUBG

That’s pretty much all they say! If you’re ready to turn your thoughts into a paycheck, this is one to apply to!

This one probably won’t be feasible for a lot of our followers to apply to, but if you’re in France you’re in luck!

Hurrah is an esports and gaming advertising agency in France that writes some of the quirkiest job descriptions we see. This time they’re after someone with a passion for great writing, so much so that their example is you read the full quest dialogue in WoW.

If that is something that interests you then you’re certainly in luck. In this freelance job that can turn full-time, you’re going to be working with the art director to produce lines of copy and advertising that can snare somebody who sees it and interest them enough to find out more.

There’s no experience asked for in this job which is epic, though your salary will depend on what you can bring to the table.

With how creative your writing needs to be for this job, you’ll need to sharpen up an incredible cover letter to stand out in this. And be sure to read the whole description before applying!

If you’re sticking around with us for a little while longer, we have some pretty cool stats to share with you to paint a picture of the esports job scene.


From the last seven days, we’ve posted a huge 136 different careers, with an impressive 85% of these being paid. A large number of paid internships from Epic Games helped back this happen!

We welcomed not just a new site design, but also another 294 signed up users, who we’re sure will find it easier than ever to find their dream job or hire the best esports talent.

The aforementioned Epic Games was the most active company in esports hiring this week, posted 12 jobs and internships in total.

Here is how the 15 countries active in esports hiring this week were distributed:

  • USA - 66 jobs
  • Remote - 30 jobs
  • Germany - 9 jobs
  • UK - 8 jobs
  • France - 3 jobs
  • Poland - 3 jobs
  • Dubai - 2 jobs
  • Japan - 2 jobs
  • China - 2 jobs
  • South Korea - 2 jobs
  • Canada - 2 jobs
  • Singapore - 1 job
  • Taiwan - 1 job
  • Australia - 1 job
  • Bulgaria - 1 job

We mentioned that 84% of our jobs were paid, and here’s how those contracts were spread:

  • Full-time - 93 jobs
  • Freelance - 11 jobs
  • Paid internships - 9 jobs
  • Part-time - 3 jobs

And for our unpaid roles:

  • Volunteer - 14 roles
  • Internships - 8 roles

Thanks for checking out another of our weekly roundups! We’ll be back next monday to bring you the hottest esports jobs from around the world along with another look at the week’s numbers.