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29th Oct 2018 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #42

We had a plethora of esports teams hiring this past week!

Welcome back to the HitmarkerJobs.com weekly roundup, where we take a closer look at the 10 best esports careers we posted over the last seven days.

There was an influx of esports teams hiring this week, with sides in the Overwatch League and NBA 2K League looking for esports talent, along with orgs involved in a number of different titles.

Let’s get into this one!

One of the absolute highlights of this week was Misfits dropping this role on us. Working from their office in Berlin - one of the hubs of esports in Europe - you’ll be running and growing their social media channels on a full-time basis.

They kick this job description off brilliantly by stating that the person they need will have a great sense of humor with the ability to stay on-brand to the tone of voice Misfits use. Like many job descriptions in esports, Misfits are looking for a self-starter with a heavy passion for esports.

Included in your daily duties is being the voice of the brand across their social media channels, engaging in conversations to show that the Misfits brand is active in the scene and work with the Content and Social Media Director to develop a strategy to grow the social channels. You’ll even have some involvement in the wider marketing of the organization.

Our favorite point about this job is that Misfits is only asking for 1 year of experience in social media as their requirement. No degrees or any other qualifications need. English fluency is a must, and any additional languages are a bonus but not necessary. Because of this, we’re sure a lot of our European followers can jump on this.

How about another epic junior esports job?

eUnited posted this role with us last week and it was immediately rushed upon by many of you. Part-time jobs in esports are always a success as it fits so many people who are in school or working another job, so a junior graphic designer position in that vein was certainly one of our best postings this week.

What you’ll be doing in this job is working with the company’s creative director and others in the creative team to create graphics for social media, Twitch packages for eUnited players, marketing assets and more.

They are asking for past experience in graphic design, but aren’t throwing a set amount of years on this which is always great to see. The standard programs we see mentioned in graphic designer roles are in this job as well, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. You’ll stand ahead of the crowd if you also have knowledge using After Effects and Premiere.

This position is for somebody who can work on a North American time zone, but eUnited have said that they will consider candidates from other regions if they have an incredibly flexible schedule.

If you wished that last job was full-time, this banger might be more your speed…

The identity of this team was revealed last week, and they’ll be joining the Overwatch League for Season 2. Coincidentally, they’re also hiring right now for a remote candidate!

What you’ll be doing for the Atlanta Reign is producing multiple forms of visual content, with a focus on the editing and cutting of what the organization puts out. At times you’ll also contribute to the conceptualization of ideas.

As such, the team needs somebody experienced in video editing programs as well as other applications in the Adobe Suite. This is because on top of editing videos for the team you’ll also be responsible for producing motion graphics.

This job isn’t geared towards the more junior professionals in the scene like the previous two. Atlanta Reign is asking for at least 3 years of work experience as a full-time video editor. They’re certainly looking to enter the esports realm with a bang, and your content could be at the forefront of their push!

It was a great week for our followers on the east coast, and this was one of the highlights…

The Boston Uprising, one of the teams competing in the first season of the Overwatch League, is looking to pick up a community manager before the start of the second season who can market the organization locally.

Some of your duties include engaging with the team’s community, organizing and executing local events and even producing plans for how to market merchandise.

This job has multiple focuses like many of the careers in esports, and one of the primary ones is working regionally to promote the brand. You’ll do this by using your network within New England, connecting with people in the area and establishing new partnerships, as well as working with colleges and high schools to build the Uprising fan base around younger fans.

Marketing is another of the primary focuses in this job, and you’ll contribute by creating strategies to grow the Boston Uprising brand in the New England region. A popular way to do this is through local fan events, viewing parties and other fan-centric events that can create a sense of community.

With all of the hats you’d need to wear, it’s an established professional that the organization is looking for.

We said it had been a good week for the east coast…

In this seasonal role for the New York Excelsior, your job duties will consist of working with team merchandise and creating an enjoyable shopping experience for fans of the organization. This will take shape of providing top quality customer service to customers online and even in a physical shopping space, as well as handling the fulfillment of orders placed.

Being a brand advocate will certainly help you offer authentic service to other Overwatch fans, and you’ll need to be cognizant of happenings around the NYXL team and any activations taking place in the store.

One of the best things about this job is that they aren’t asking for silly levels of experience. There’s no education needed - retail experience is the only thing that the org is enforcing you have. On top of this there are several skills you must possess such as great communication and basic mathematics.

You’ll need to commit 36 hours a week for this role and be available to work on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the contract.

This is one of the most unique jobs we’ve posted lately, and would suit somebody brilliantly with experience working in a store and offering exceptional customer service.

Has Worlds got anyone thinking about pursuing a career in League of Legends?

If you’re somebody with extensive knowledge of the game’s mechanics and think you could use that knowledge to better equip an esports team with the tools needed to crush opponents then you’ll like the look of this job.

FlyQuest, one of the teams competing in the NA LCS is looking to add to their coaching roster with a full-time analyst. It’s offered as a remote role, so is something you can’t miss if you’re seriously knowledgeable about League.

Some of the responsibilities you’ll be working on is organizing scrims, reviewing past gameplay and seeing what actionables can be taken from the demo and be the lead contributor to scouting reports of LCS opponents and how they can be countered.

To be in the running for this epic job, you’ll need to have proven experience as an analyst - you’ll be directly involved in the success of the team after all! On top of this FlyQuest is also asking that you be able to handle deadlines cooly and show the ability to provide them with high quality analysis of gameplay.

Esports jobs where you can influence a top team as directly as this is truly something special, so we encourage everyone qualified to throw their hat into the ring for this.

This was our most viewed job of the week by a large margin, so it definitely deserves a spot here!

The reason for this was because for this community role working on Fortnite, you don’t need to provide much past experience. In fact, there is no mention of a set number of years you need of experience, or of a certain educational level that you need!

What your days would look like in this position is working with Fortnite content creators and influencers (think big personalities on Twitch and YouTube) to create lasting relationships and activations alongside them that can extend the reach of the game.

Another cool thing you’ll be doing: travelling to community events and industry shows to support their execution and to network!

Now we mentioned the forgiving requirements, and here’s what you need to bring. Written communication skills are a key thing Epic is looking for, along with a strong knowledge of the content creation space in esports on YouTube and Twitch.

The only thing that might deter some of you from applying is that they do need to see some sort of experience where you managed a gaming community. They don’t mention what this needs to look like however, meaning streamers or content creators that have nurtured a community on the aforementioned platforms could check that box, along with people who moderate a Discord server.

We’re stepping back from the junior jobs for a moment to bring you this beautiful senior role…

The Overwatch League, one of the premier leagues in esports and an exciting entity to watch develop, is looking to hire an experienced marketing/brand manager that can assist in growing the league’s fanbase.

Alongside the Director of Marketing, you’ll be developing a brand strategy for the league to follow. As the job title suggests, you’ll also be the gatekeeper that monitors and approves all Overwatch League branding initiatives such as partner selections and even the regional offices of the league.

We told you this job was for somebody experienced in their field. 5 years of experience in brand marketing or a similar role is being asked for, along with a degree in business, marketing or a related discipline.

If you’re able to meet that criteria, this is a truly unique role to get working on the strategy on this huge league in esports.

We’re moving back to the more junior jobs, and we think you’ll like this…

Logitech is one of the most active peripherals companies in esports, sponsoring teams, tournaments and influencers in abundance. And you could join them.

Working with the company’s social media and fan base, you’ll be working to grow their channels and promote products through clever content and snappy copy. That means you’ll be overseeing the social media strategy for Logitech in esports, which even involves working with influencers to create branded content with them.

Since this job involves a healthy amount of community work along with social media management, it’ll be on you to collect a network of esports influencers that are best suited to promote Logitech.

The experience that Logitech is looking for is 1-3 years in marketing - with an emphasis on areas related to consumer and digital marketing. As you’ll be speaking to an audience that fully gets esports, extensive knowledge about the scene is another prerequisite to claiming this job so that the brand is authentic to the scene.

We’ll finish the jobs portion of our roundup off with the opportunity to take shooting an esports team as your full-time job.

The Dallas Mavericks are involved in esports through their esports team Mavs Gaming, which is competing in the NBA 2K League. That’s the part of the company that this role focuses on, and it needs somebody to focus in on the lows and highs, trials and tribulations of the team to produce epic content for their followers.

With support from the marketing team at Mavs Gaming and the wider team in the Mavs, you’ll plan how to produce the most compelling content about the team along with the best way to distribute it.

That means you’ll need to be incredibly savvy with professional camera equipment and understand what equipment to use in different situations.

In terms of more tangible requirements, the Mavs ask that you bring 1-3 years of professional experience to the table, with any of that being earned in esports being a huge bonus to your application. They’d also like to see a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent experience in an area related to videography.

That wraps up our best 10 jobs of the week! Stick around to see what the esports job scene looked like from a statistical point of view this past week.


Over the last 7 days we posted an impressive 122 different jobs in esports, with a strong 79% of these being paid positions.

We also had our first full week since our new site design went live, and welcomed a crazy number of new users! 650 more people signed up with us this week to hire or apply for esports jobs.

12 countries were represented this week in the hiring space, which you can see below.

  • USA - 67 jobs
  • Remote - 26 jobs
  • UK - 9 jobs
  • Germany - 6 jobs
  • Netherlands - 3 jobs
  • Singapore - 3 jobs
  • Ukraine - 3 jobs
  • Canada - 1 job
  • France - 1 job
  • Philippines - 1 job
  • South Korea - 1 job
  • Sweden - 1 job

Here’s the spread of what sort of jobs were posted on our site from the last seven days:

  • Full-time - 73 jobs
  • Paid internships - 9 jobs
  • Freelance - 7 jobs
  • Part-time - 6 jobs

Unpaid positions:

  • Volunteer - 21 roles
  • Unpaid internships - 6 roles

That concludes another careers roundup from us! The jobs were particularly hot this week, and we hope there was something for you there. We’ll catch you next Monday for more of the same.

Until then!