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5th Nov 2018 by Cam Brierley

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #43

Two crazy jobs from FaZe Clan headlined this roundup!

The 43rd edition of our weekly esports jobs roundup includes a prestigious lineup of some of the top teams in the scene, including two jobs from FaZe that are sure to be any gaming fan’s dream to make theirs. We have some really special jobs lined up, let us show you!

If you’re a regular user of HitmakrerJobs.com you’ve likely seen the Dallas Mavs on here fairly frequently. That’s because their gaming branch, Mavs Gaming, is competing in the NBA 2K League. As a result, we get epic jobs to share with you all!

This one is for somebody who is talented shooting action as it develops, as well as developing sublime motion graphics that can be shared across social media and implemented into video content.

And while video will be your focus, you’ll also need to be proficient in capturing audio using booms and an assortment of mics, so that you can package together the complete product for editors to take away and turn into something awesome.

What the organization is looking for from you is 1-3 years of experience shooting video at a minimum. If you’ve established this in esports then that’s a huge plus. A bachelor’s degree is also on their wishlist, with a large amount of coursework needing to have been done in broadcast/communications, or the equivalent experience.

UK esports is looking bright if this organization continues with the epic jobs…

Diabolus Esports is hiring in Manchester (quick high five to our fellow Brits not in London) for a management professional that can oversee the company’s rosters and adjust them accordingly. As you’ll have some influential input in the structure of the teams, they ask that you possess a strong understanding of CS:GO and League of Legends, as well as the esports scene as a whole.

What their general manager will do on a daily basis is assisting in the scouting process for talented rosters and players that could come under the Diabolus umbrella. They enforce the importance of players having the correct personality to compliment their talent.

In terms of requirements, Diabolus is seeking a minimum of two years of experience in a management level position, though this isn’t required to be in esports. What they also need to see is some proof that you’ve assisted in developing a competitive team.

You could see getting this job as an early Christmas present, as you’ll be starting full-time with them in Manchester in December if you’re successful. Happy holidays!

If the experience requirements on the previous two roles made you flinch, this could set you up nicely in the future...

So many huge companies are in esports, but there’s definitely something special about Sony getting esports talent on board! This internship will run through summer 2019, and will have a focus on PlayStation. With such a dominance from PC esports, it’s nice to see a job more tailored for the console players of you!

This internship is varied, but your primary focus will be in management duties, such as providing program management support to any projects you’re assigned to and creating schedules for these to meet. Aside from that there isn’t many specifics mentioned, but you know you’d be up to some interesting things while in an esports position with Sony.

Their requirements are exactly how we like to see them on internships: easy going. They’re looking for somebody passionate and knowledgeable about PlayStation and its esports scene. We bet that means their ideal candidate has been smashing out some Black Ops 4!

If you do have the experience behind you to apply for the big dogs, here’s an absolute gem…

TSM is one of the largest brands in League of Legends period and is looking for somebody else to carry that flame and improve their strength as a roster.

As their assistant coach, you’ll be working with the team’s head coach to implement game strategies and determine where the roster is heading long-term. As well as working with the team as a whole, you’ll also spend some of your time on a one-to-one basis with the players to ensure that their potential is being realized.

What TSM wants to see from applicants in this job is experience as either an analyst or coach for a professional League of Legends team, along with an age restriction of being over 20 years old. This can’t be taken as a remote role either; relocating to Los Angeles if you’re not currently there is a requirement.

We mentioned how good these FaZe jobs were this week, so we think it’s time to drop one on you…

When it comes to the phrase “dream job”, we’d have to imagine that managing the gaming houses of FaZe Clan on a full-time paid basis has to qualify for that.

Your day to day responsibilities sound like something straight off a Christmas list. Included on there is managing and accommodating any events that take place in the houses, as well as ensuring all of the talent in there is well looked after. Your artistic eye will get a bit of flexing too as you constantly rotate furniture and art around the houses to keep things fresh. Grocery and personal shopping would also fall under your jurisdiction.

As with any job, it can’t be all fun and games. FaZe do have some requirements that you’ll need to meet in order to proceed closer to getting this role. You must be organized down to the finest detail, as you’ll be managing the schedules and responsibilities of large figures. This said, there’s no mention of a set number of experience required, so if you can impress the company enough in your application then you could be in the running here!

This one is interesting as you’ll spend half of your time in Texas and half in California!

Clutch Gaming is a team currently competing in the LCS and is owned by the Houston Rockets, hence why you’d be split between California and Texas as one is where the NA LCS is based and the other the team’s parent company.

What you’d be tasked with on a day to day basis is compiling a content calendar that lines up exciting and engaging material to go out on a variety of social channels such as Twitter, Instagram and even Twitch. Fan growth is something you’d be responsible for building, along with producing digital content to coincide with matches that the team is playing in.

The more creative you are the better - being the person with access to the team’s following will give you chances to push their merchandise in clever ways, along with toying with inventive ideas to grow following.

What’s great as well is that they aren’t looking for somebody who has experience streaming out of their ears. 1 year in digital media is the requirement, along with a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

We don’t often see junior roles in this sector of work with companies as awesome as this one!

Team Liquid, who recently announced that Michael Jordan had invested in their parent company, is hiring for several staff positions including this HR role that went down a hit.

It’s likely that the organization is going to be looking to hire some more talented professionals on the back of the investment, so as a junior member of their HR team you’ll be assisting in this process by defining what each role requires from candidates and publish those jobs across different job boards (included ourselves, we hope!).

A lot of your job will be managing this hiring process, which includes screen candidates as they apply, select which ones are suitable to take to the next stage of the application process and ensure company hiring policies are in line with local and national requirements.

Now we mentioned this was a junior job, and what Team Liquid is looking for specifically is 1-3 years of experience in an administrative or HR role. A degree is a bonus but not necessary, so the dream to work for Team Liquid is real even if you’re fairly new to the sector.

Since they have staff in the Netherlands, too, you’ll really stand out from other applicants if you have proficiency in speaking Dutch.

Berlin job hunters were treated recently to two great jobs with Misfits!

The one we’re highlighting is this role for a video editor who can work full-time from their office in Berlin, one of the most active esports hubs in Europe.

Misfits is looking to buff up their content team with a video editor that is capable of producing videos of a variety of lengths. Included in their list of what sort of videos you’d produce is short form content, gifs, Instagram stories, motion graphics and more. You’ll need to be a flexible video producer in this role!

If you’re already in the realm of video editing you’ll probably know what to expect in the requirements. Fluency in the Adobe Creative Suite is a must, and so is a moderate understanding of producing motion graphics. Aside from that it’s left beautifully open, meaning no lack of degrees or past experience should deter you from applying for this!

That makes this a uniquely brilliant opportunity to get paid full-time while learning some invaluable skills.

We’ve had a video role for our junior candidates, so here’s something geared towards those of you with a bit more experience...

Immortals, one of the premier North American esports organizations, is looking to hire a production manager that can oversee their video content. Your content strategy will line up with business goals, both long and short-term, and increase fan engagement.

As the lead of the team you must have experience in managing other creatives who can work together to see your content visions through. Since esports has such a heavy presence on social media, an understanding of video content and how it fits into social media is a must to ensure what Immortals produces is as well received as possible.

If you can bring that experience as well as an understanding of how to build growth and engagement, you could be the perfect candidate to take the reigns of this area of Immortal’s video content.

We had to end the roundup with this crazy job…

We bet there’s a lot of people reading this who are seeing their dream job right now. FaZe Clan, one of the most dominant forces in gaming and esports, is hiring a full-time social media manager that can develop their digital strategy.

As this is one of the largest gaming brands in the world they are wanting to see 3-6 years of social media or digital marketing experience. You’ll be taking the reigns of their Twitter, Instagram and other pages, will adds up to millions of followers. You can’t manage that level of following if it’s your first rodeo!

The benefits to this job are also out of this world. Aside from the obvious plus of working with FaZe’s social media pages, you’ll also be receiving a salary with an equity option, stipends for transport and wellness and learning opportunities.

We’ll be catching you next week for another 10 sublime esports jobs. Until then!