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16th Feb 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #6

The team take a fresh look at some of the coolest jobs in esports that were posted on HitmarkerJobs.com in the past week.

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Weekly Roundup, which may be our most diverse one yet!

We've got ten great esports jobs to tell you about, which are coming to you from six different countries including Finland, Germany and Taiwan.

If you're looking for a career in gaming but you're struggling out for inspiration then don't worry, because we're here for you!

Every day we're working with the companies and organisation who are hiring and recruiting in esports to bring you the best selection of jobs on the world wide web. So if you're looking for new opportunities then you couldn't be in a better place than Hitmarker.

Before we jump into the jobs, let's take at the look at some numbers from the past seven days:

• This week we posted 86 new esports jobs (+41% on last week) from 42 different companies (+14%) based in 8 different countries (+33%). GankStars led the way this time around, accounting for 11.63% of all available roles!

• The United States' dominance of the esports jobs scene appears to be on the wane in 2018, with Trumplandia accounting for just 48.84% of all the openings posted on Hitmarker in the last seven days. The popularity of Remote roles held pretty steady at 33.72%, while Germany moves up to third place with 6.98% of the total this time around. They leapfrog the United Kingdom, whose four opportunities saw their share drop to 4.65%.

India was back on our radar this week with 2.33% of the remaining roles coming from Mumbai, while Finland, Ireland and Taiwan all made their debuts on the site with one opportunity each (1.16% of the total). Hello to any readers joining us from those countries for the first time!

• We were delighted that the prominence of full-time roles increased to 65.12% this week (+7.74%), although there was a surge in volunteer openings too, with those climbing up to 25.58% (+9.19%) of the total posted. This was another good seven days for internships too, which held firm at 5.81%, while just 2.33% of all openings were freelance and just 1.16% part-time.

• All-in-all 68.60% of the esports jobs added to Hitmarker this week were paid, a decrease of almost 10% on last week. However, due to the increase in overall volume of jobs we still posted more paid roles in the last seven days! (Always end on a positive note, folks...)

Now let's get to it, beginning with an absolutely killer job with compLexity in Frisco, Texas...

We don't need to tell you too much about who compLexity are or what they do, so let's jump into the nitty gritty of the role itself instead. They're looking for a talented videographer to capture and assemble recorded footage as they transition to a centralised operation, move to new headquarters and create a state-of-the-art training facility for their players.

If you've got a great knowledge of esports, are based in the United States and have done a lot of "vlogging" in the past then you're in a great position to apply for this and be successful, though it's definitely going to be a competitive process!

A full-time salary with immediate benefits including paid airfare, accommodation and relocation are offered to the winning candidate, just to add a little more incentive.

That was a pretty strong start, right? However, videography might not be your thing so this next one goes out to all of our web designers/developers...

Hitmarker was founded by designers and developers, so these roles are very close to our hearts (even though I'm far from being either, personally). Skillz may not be as well known as compLexity, but they are a fully-funded company having raised over $28 million from venture capital firms and major sports team owners.

If you haven't heard of them before, then believe us when we tell you that they are a truly serious organisation who are going to be a mainstay of the esports scene for years to come. They're still relatively young, but they appear to have a great company culture and based on the amount of job adverts they spit out they're growing at an exponential rate.

This is a perfect opportunity for someone who wants to do something huge with their career after already spending at least three years in the design industry. You'll need to have a strong grasp of Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and a polished portfolio, but if you tick all of those boxes then why not chance your arm and put in an application?

We're definitely off to the races now, but we're fully aware that these first two roles were both very specialist, so now for something different...

ESL are on the hunt for another role that's very close to our hearts, because you KNOW we're all about that esports recruiting. We also firmly believe in people being looked after once they are brought into an organisation, which is why jobs like this are just so damn important. If ESL can find the right candidate then their end-to-end recruitment and staff retention will improve significantly.

Of course the first job for anyone lucky enough to be successful in this application process is to knock on good old Hitmarker's door to ask how we can help them out. That goes for any hiring managers or HR personnel from other organisations reading this too, by the way, our DMs are always open and we'll put full contact details at the bottom of this post.

Back to ESL, who need someone with a university degree with a HR major and a solid recruiting background for day-to-day responsibilities that include learning about each individual department manager's recruiting needs and writing attractive job ads. Honestly, this opening has us excited just writing about it and we're not even hunting for a job! If you like the sound of it too, why not apply?

Time to move from Europe to Asia, because it's time to get freaky:

Freaks4UGaming may have one of the most weird names in the esports scene, but don't let it put you off them because they're enormously successful. If you're not convinced, then it's important that you know they've got offices in Germany, the USA, Taiwan AND Serbia. Not many companies in this scene can claim to have premises located across three continents!

They've posted a few similar roles this week, but this one in particular is focused on the Asian market due to being based in Taipei. It's perfect for a pro grinder who is fluent in English and has strong communication skills, in addition to excellent creative writing skills and a serious passion for esports and gaming.

We know we've just described a huge segment of our audience with that, but you'll need at least two years in client service or project management to be considered. If you're still in the filter after that last sentence and you like the idea of working in Taiwan, then there's only one thing left to do!

You were warned that this roundup was going to be diverse, so after being in Texas, California, Germany and Taiwan it's only natural that we move on to Finland...

It was only recently that we realised just how big Clash Royale has got (none of us are millennials so mobile gaming is still something of a crazy idea to us) but we've always been familiar with it due to its excellent advertising. Supercell are the publishers of the game and they're seeking to create the best experience possible for their players by adding a Game Designer to their growing staff.

If you're self-motivated, goal-oriented and a strong team player then you'll be well positioned to go for this one, especially if you've got prior experience designing and balancing game economies. They're looking for someone to buy into what the company is all about and to help them keep climbing up through the levels.

To summarise; this is a rare chance to work with a team of gaming veterans and esports advocates in a very unique location, so if you have any of the skills needed to design games then you'd be crazy to not at least take a look at the full description.

If working in Helsinki isn't ideal for you, then how about working from home?

Remote roles are our bread and butter here on Hitmarker, with more and more being posted on a weekly basis. The world has been shrinking for years now and employers are realising the benefits of letting their staff work from a comfortable location, often on a fairly flexible schedule. Other pluses of remote working include reduced office rental costs and therefore more budget to expand.

Our local council in Newcastle Upon Tyne has even started implementing remote working one day per week, most likely to reduce overheads! Council workers are hardly famous for getting things done, so the productivity probably won't take too much of a hit either... Anyway, we digress, we should be telling you about this great Lead Developer opportunity with The Esports Hub.

This is an organisation who just seem to "get it" and they're on the hunt for someone who is comfortable with HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, Javascript and Jquery. They're launching a new website imminently and are growing at a pretty good clip, so it's a good chance to get in at a relatively early stage before things really explode!

From one growing organisation to another, the inimitable GankStars...

We had the pleasure of a conversation with GankStars' CEO this week and the plans he has for his organisation are genuinely exciting. Of course, there had to be a reason why they would drop ten brand new esports opportunities in a week, but we just wanted to be sure...

Although all of the positions are offered on a remote volunteer basis initially, this is a huge opportunity to get involved with an esports team who are already renowned and who are only going to move onto bigger and better things in the future.

The Social Media Managers roles were the ones that caught our eye the most, as they were being offered for Clash Royale, Fortnite, H1Z1, Vainglory AND Critical Ops individually. We know that we have a number of budding social media wizards following us and we know that most will have some sort of interest in at least one of these games, so if you're one of them then why not apply?

From Social Media Managers to Growth Hackers, boy it's definitely 2018 isn't it!?

Rivalry.gg are providing esports fans with a safe and responsible way of betting on matches, and they're currently hiring for both part time and full time roles to help them with their growth. Ideally they're looking for passionate esports fans with experience in one or more of the following: Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Reddit Ads, Display Ads and/or Retargeting.

If you tick any of those boxes then it's probably well worth your time reading the full description to learn more about the company and the roles that they're offering, because there seems to be a good amount of flexibility involved here (remote openings offered on a full time OR part time basis).

Finally, having knowledge of SEO, being active on Twitter and holding an existing relationship with some esports journalists or fan sites could tip you over the edge for this one, so if you've got any of that in your locker then you DEFINITELY NEED TO APPLY!

Next up is our penultimate opportunity of the week, which comes from the impressive Ares Esport...

Did you know that Ares are supported by a bunch of world famous athletes, including a group of professional football players? It's true, it's true! James Rodriguez, Yannick Carrasco and Moussa Sissoko are all involved with them, which shows that there's some substance behind the style (what a beautiful logo these guys have).

They have offices in both London and Paris, but this role is based in the United Kingdom and is for a dynamic and autonomous intern looking to break into the industry. The initial contract is for six months with a start date in March, and the compensation offered is £500 per month plus 50% of transport costs, in addition to some local discounts.

Longer-term there is a real chance for this to turn into a full time job for the right candidate and the closing date for applications is February 28th, so you'd better be quick if you're interested! There aren't many of these opportunities on these here shores, so you need to grab them when they come along.

From an internship to a studentship, we've got an awesome finishing point for you this week...

Daemen College are the first private institution in their north-east region to join the world of competitive college esports. They are set to have involvement in CS:GO, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and PUBG, with big plans to attack the East Coast Conference's fall esports season after a semester of preparation.

So if you're looking to study somewhere in the New York area and you'd love nothing more than to continue your passion for esports while you're there, is there a better chance for you to do so than at Daemen? We're not so sure...

All they're asking initially is that you let them know which one of the above games you're killer at, in addition to giving them your name, phone number and email address. That's really all there is to it, so even if you're not totally sold you might as well get in touch with them to find out more - we've already spoken to them and we liked what we heard!

There you have it! Ten of the best esports jobs of the week wrapped up in a neat little package (that's what she said).

Hopefully there was something here for you, but if not then don't forget we've just launched v3.0 of our new website and are adding new functionality every day. The latest updates have seen "sector" and "contract" filters being added so you can now sort by type of job and type of contract, in addition to company name and location.

Overall it's getting easier and easier to filter and search, so why not give it a try? We'd welcome any feedback that you have!

See you next week,

The Hitmarker Team


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