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23rd Feb 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #7

It's the time of the week where we take a look at a selection of the best job opportunities in all of esports.

Welcome back to another edition of our Weekly Roundup!

You're joining us at the end of another crazy seven days, with the big news being that we FINALLY broke the 100 esports jobs barrier! Yes indeed, there were 104 roles posted on Hitmarker since last Friday evening, with more companies and countries represented than ever before.

As you can imagine, we've been super busy, but we've still found time to pull together ten of our favourite gaming jobs from the last week for you. There's some good stuff coming up for everyone seeking a career in esports, but, as always, let's start with the vital statistics:

• The 104 esports jobs posted in the last seven days came from 60 different companies based in 9 different countries, with Blizzard Entertainment moving back to the top of the charts thanks to their 12 openings.

• The good old US of A remained top of the pops location-wise with 49.04% of all gaming opportunities emanating from there, while Remote held steady in second place with 29.81%. Our home country United Kingdom made a welcome return to form with 11.54% of all esports jobs being on these fine shores, and China made the list for the first time with 2.88% to put them in fourth place.

Germany and the Netherlands both accounted for 1.92% each, with Australia, Canada and South Korea (welcome to Hitmarker!) being good for one role apiece (0.96% each).

• Of all of the positions on Hitmarker this week full-time roles weighed in heaviest by far, with 63.46% of the total, while part-time roles accounted for 4.81% and freelance roles for 2.88%. All-in-all this meant that 71.15% of all esports jobs in the past seven days were paid ones, which is an increase on last week!

• We also saw more internships (7.69%) and fewer volunteer (21.15%) openings, but there was definitely a good spread of opportunities for people at all levels of the scene.

Okay, there's no time to waste so let's get to #1:

This has been the most popular job on Hitmarker this week by some distance, with almost half a century of applications flooding in since it dropped last Friday evening (just missing the cut for Weekly Roundup #6.)

If you don't know who SK Gaming are, then you probably should, but aside from this just being a super cool opportunity at an enormous esports organisation, the fact that it's remote AND full-time seems to have gotten people really excited. Flexibility plus pay is always a winner.

There's still time to throw your hat in the ring, but beware that this is already a hugely competitive process. However, if you're confident and you feel like you hit all of their requirements then you'd be crazy to let this one pass you by!

Let's move from one huge name to another:

PUBG Corp are enormous in esports, as you probably know, so we won't pretend that this job is achievable for most candidates. They're asking for five years experience in a community, social media or PR field and that all applicants have a passion for gaming, in addition to a strong understanding of shooters and esports.

We know that most of you will have the second part of that down pat, but that the experience requirement is likely to be a big hurdle. Don't be too downhearted if this is out of your reach at the moment, though, just consider it as motivation for the type of job you could go for a little further down the line after spending some time in the industry!

Of course, if you're one of the rare breed who ticks all the boxes, then you absolutely have to go for it.

We hope you US East Coast folks are ready for this next one:

Who knew that the awesome Scuf Gaming had esports jobs on offer in Suwanee, Georgia? Certainly not us, well until this week anyway...

It's not often you see anything remotely gaming-related in that neck of the woods, indeed it's almost as rare as seeing a great full-time paid graphic design job in the scene!

The winds of change are surely blowing, however, which means that we should see more and more of these sorts of excellent jobs opening up in the coming weeks and months. Still, if you're in a position to go for it right now, then what the heck are you waiting for?

Next up is one of the best UK-based jobs we've ever seen on Hitmarker:

The Goat Agency don't just have one of the greatest (of all time) company names we've ever had the pleasure of verifying on our database, they've also got two superb job opportunities on offer in London at the moment. Of the pair this one was our favourite, simply because we know how many of our users are on the hunt for marketing roles.

Better yet, this job looks achievable enough for an up-and-coming candidate who hasn't necessarily spent a billion years in marketing, though you will need some prior project/campaign management experience at an agency (or in esports) to be considered. If you've got that in your locker, then you know what to do.

Now where are our esports writers at? Holler at your boy!

Cybersport are based in Berlin (there aren't many better cities in the world, if any) and are looking for the best and brightest writers to join their team. So if you have a deep passion for League of Legends, are incredibly gifted with a keyboard and have a good dose of charisma about you then you need to be getting your application sent over to them toot sweet (that means quick).

To conclude, not only is this a full-time writing gig in esports, a rare enough thing in itself, but these guys are also offering event travel and coverage, in addition to other benefits. It's genuinely one of the best opportunities we've had submitted to Hitmarker, if we haven't got that across already...

Time for something related to Overwatch to get you all excited:

Okay, so "all" might have been a bit of a stretch because this is very specifically a role for a Chinese national who can speak perfect English. However, it's an insane esports opening and a huge opportunity to get in at the ground floor when it comes to Overwatch in China. If you're eligible, then click this link to read the full description and apply.

Blizzard were the most active recruiters on Hitmarker this week with 12 gaming jobs being posted in all, and of course not all of them are based in Shanghai, so maybe it's worth checking out their company page to see if anything else catches your eye?

Otherwise let's move onwards together, with Oakland (somewhere close to my heart) the next stop on this esports jobs odyssey:

Esports Arena have a new venue opening up in NorCal and have already advertised for three job openings there, with this Front Desk Host being our favourite because of its attainability and flexibility.

They're essentially looking for a happy-go-lucky person with a customer service background to represent them at front of house, nicely straightforward for once huh?

Ultimately this is an awesome entry point into esports for anyone with that in their locker and with a company where there will most definitely be plentiful opportunities to advance. So if you like the idea of it, then maybe it's time to throw in an application?

Next up, our favourite freelance opening of the week:

MagsUp are an esports organisation deeply rooted in FPS games who were established in 2014 and took a brief hiatus before coming back with a bang more recently. They're seeking to grow their media presence and have put out this unique role, which is offered with competitive pay, regular bonuses and commissions on all media profits.

That all sounds pretty darn good to us and if it's got your motor running, then you can read the complete description and apply right here!

Only two left to go, a remote internship and a remote volunteer role:

We always try to fit an internship into the weekly roundup to keep our younger readers satisfied, and while this isn't a typical one from Esportspedia, it's definitely one that could lead to some huge things for the right candidate.

They're in the market for a Call of Duty contributor, a Smite contributor AND a League of Legends contributor, so there's almost something here for everyone! You'll need to have a keen eye for detail, be actively involved in their community and be readily available, though. If none of that fazes you, then you can find the full description at this handy little link.

Time to close this bad boy out, with one of the baddest organisations in the scene:

You already know we love EasternMedia, but please let us take a few moments to tell you why:

1) They welcomed us into their community with open arms before we starting getting any real traction in esports.

2) They have a dedicated and vibrant group of people who are working hard to represent their brand.

3) Zimm, their CEO, is quite an inspirational guy and is constantly on the lookout for others - whether they're part of his organisation or not.

That about sums it up. Essentially they're very cool people to be involved with and if you have aspirations of making something of yourself as a streamer they'll do everything they can to help you get there. So if you're interested, then why not get in touch with them?

And that, our dear friends, is that!

See you same time, same place next week for #8,

The Hitmarker Team


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