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2nd Mar 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #8

We've sifted through the 96 esports jobs posted on HitmarkerJobs.com this week in order to find you the best ones!

It's Friday afternoon, which means that it's time for another Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup!

We're coming into this hot off the back of an insanely busy February, where we posted more jobs than ever before, sent out more Tweets than ever before and basically smashed through all the benchmark metrics we set ourselves in January. And all that despite the fact that February is a ridiculously short month (and it's not a leap year so we didn't even benefit from that sneaky extra day that comes around!)

You won't see other esports jobs sites posting their monthly numbers because they don't stack up, so just rest assured that you're in the best place possible if you're on the hunt for your dream career in esports.

If this is your first time with us, please allow us a moment to explain just what this blog post is all about:

Every week a big old bunch of jobs get added to Hitmarker by esports companies or one of our team members. We learned pretty quickly that for the average candidate this could be a little overwhelming, so we decided to start putting together a weekly post detailing ten of our favourite jobs from a number of different locations and sectors, and with a number of different contract types attached.

The hope is that there's something in here for everyone, which will almost certainly be true if you're a fan of wrestling...

Anyway, we also like to start off the post by rounding up our stats from the past seven days.

It goes a little something like this:

• We posted 96 esports jobs this week (so close to another 100!) from 57 different esports organisations based in 10 different countries. Exile Gaming were this week's most active company, being responsible for 5.21% of that total!

• As usual, most of this week's jobs in esports were based in the USA (55.21%), with Remote working opportunities remaining consistently popular too (26.04%). Our very own UK was third in the list (8.33%), while Canada, Netherlands and Sweden were responsible for two esports jobs each (2.08%). Finally, the Philippines, Serbia (welcome to Hitmarker!), South Korea and Taiwan were all represented by one job apiece (1.04%). That's a pretty good spread!

• Of all the esports job postings on Hitmarker this week 63.54% were full-time paid, 6.25% part-time paid and 4.17% freelance paid, meaning 73.96% paid opportunities in total. 16.67% of roles were volunteer unpaid with 9.38% being internships (a mixture of paid and unpaid). We like big stats, and we cannot lie...

Then we usually jump right into the first of the ten jobs, like this:

This is probably our favourite esports job post of all time, let alone of this past week!

Origin.gg are on the hunt for a co-founder, who needs to be a Node/React Dev, but who more importantly needs to be a VERY special breed of person. They're claiming that this is the WORST job in esports and while that's probably not true (we hope), it certainly doesn't look like it'll be a walk in the park.

This one offers a huge amount of flexibility because it's remote-based and part-time, but there's also an enormous amount of upside on offer to the person who is willing to take a risk and hop on board with them; equity is offered from the get-go.

So if you're a serious coder who is looking to take a chance on something that could potentially explode, you could do a heck of a lot worse than to throw your hat into the ring for this one. Just click the job block above to read the full (awesome) description and apply if you're made of the right stuff!

This has been the most popular esports job on our board this week. Why? Because it's running socials for the flippin' Immortals, of course! In case you weren't aware, Overwatch League franchise LA Valiant is also part of Immortals, and the great thing is that this role encompasses both brands.

We know that a huge amount of you are on the lookout for an opportunity just like this one, so if you haven't already applied you'd better get to it because this one won't be open for long. However, to stand any real chance of getting your foot in the door here you'll need to be super passionate about social media, a huge esports fan, pretty darn fearless and an expert content creator.

The barrier to entry in terms of personal skills is high, but the best thing about this opportunity is that it's only asking for one year of professional experience, which should bring most of you young go-getters into the mix. Most jobs of this calibre ask for three or more years of experience...

So go get it, and tell 'em Hitmarker sent you!

It's time to show our fellow Brits some love with a back-to-back pair of esports career opportunities in London. First up, the legendary Fnatic are on the hunt for a Head of Talent Acquisition to be accountable for the organisation's overall recruitment function.

They're growing so quickly that they need a dedicated person to come in and handle this part of their business, and the successful candidate will likely be one with five years of startup recruitment experience behind them. If that rules you out instantly then don't be too down, because this is a really high level role.

The great news for whoever is successful in the application process is that they have a really easy first job: open up a new line of communication with good old Hitmarker so we can take some of the weight off! We're getting better and better at placing people in serious esports jobs and we're also based in the UK, so what's not to like?

One organisation who have recognised the value in working with us is Method, who are hiring for a couple of awesome roles in London at the moment. The first caveat on this one is that it's strictly for people over the age of 21, with an age of at least 25 preferred (woohoo, that counts 4/6 of the Hitmarker team IN!) and the second is that all applicants must be based within the London metro area.

However, if you're reading this and you haven't just been ruled out by those two stipulations then read on, because this one is outstanding...

Method are looking for a dedicated person to manage their Gfinity Elite teams, which essentially means taking charge of their gaming house in London AND producing content related to the Elite Series. The full job description is pleasantly minimal and so won't take much reading, but this is going to be another super competitive application process because opportunities like this don't come around often.

However, if you're a natural leader with a responsible attitude and lots of creativity in your bones then you should definitely state your case. Just click the job block to read more and apply if it still feels good!

We're not even sure we need to sell this one to you, but if you're a video editor slash producer who loves esports and likes the idea of working in LA for one of the most famous franchises in the NBA, then why not take a deeper dive into this?

The Warriors are only asking for two years of experience in a professional production environment, but you'll need to be familiar with League of Legends and NBA 2K to be considered.

Hmm, did you hear that?

That was the sound of every esports video editor not eligible to work in LA slamming their fists down in anger. Sorry guys, but your time WILL come, we promise.

This is hot off the press, having only been added an hour ago, and in case you haven't heard of them MAGFest are a nonprofit organisation based in Baltimore, home of The Wire ("you come at the King, you best not miss.")

You'll need to be within commuting distance of the city and able to travel there for a minimum of three days a week, but this comes with a $48,000 salary in addition to medical benefits like dental and optical.

Pretty sweet, right?

If you're local enough then you'd be mad to skip over this one, because it's a great job from a great organisation.

Esports Insider do a heck of a lot for the UK scene and they also produce really strong content on a daily basis. Those two things make these journalism opportunities with them hard to ignore, especially when you add the fact that they're paid and can be taken on a full-time, part-time or even freelance basis.

Better yet, they could even be remote for the right candidates, which earns this job role an A++ flexibility rating from The Hitmarker Team. Take a look at the description and get your application in FAST if you like what you see, because these will also get filled very quickly.

If playing Call of Duty WWII and earning money while doing it sounds good to you, then you probably need to look deeper into this opportunity with Bidvine. They're urgently looking for UK-based Call of Duty Pro Players and Coaches to help others improve their KD ratios, level up their prestige and unlock items.

The salary offered for this is £15 per hour and the job is really flexible, allowing you to work from home on a part-time basis. We know that a bunch of you are stone cold killers on COD (although we've got two guys in the office who make a pretty formidable duo too), so if you're looking to make money from your passion then this is your chance!

Regular readers will have definitely seen Battlefy featured in one or two of our roundups before, but they keep posting excellent jobs in Vancouver so we have to keep writing about them!

If you're based up in the Great White North then you'll know that your esports scene is a little on the cool side (just like your weather) but Battlefy have the tech side of esports pretty much nailed down, as shown by this Data Analyst position.

The downside of this role is that the barrier to entry is high, but that's compensated for by the offer of equity, a good salary, paid time off and much, much more. It's well worth a look if you've got the (coding) skills to pay the bills.

The final stop on this week's tour of the esports jobs landscape is an internship, which is just how we like it.

Better still? It's a PAID internship in New York City, which really doesn't have as many esports opportunities as it should for such a huge place.

This is a genuinely great opportunity to earn money while learning on-the-job skills that could set you up for a long and successful career in esports. So, uh, maybe click the job block and apply?

And there we have it, another week of esports jobs in the book and another weekly roundup done with!

If you've made it this far and are still hungry for job-related content then why not check out our brand new feature: how to get an esports job in 2018?

This is part of a new section on Hitmarker called "Career Advice", in which we'll post helpful articles and how-to guides for people looking to kickstart their esports career. We're at the point where we feel we can speak with good authority on the subject, so hopefully you like what you see!

Otherwise, we'll see you next week for roundup 9!

Take care,

The Hitmarker Team


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