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9th Mar 2018 by James Nuttall

Updated 25th Apr 2019

Weekly Esports Jobs Roundup #9

The HitmarkerJobs.com team is back to give you the lowdown on ten of the most interesting esports jobs of the week.

Are you ready for another weekly esports jobs roundup?

We've taken a look at all of the opportunities posted on Hitmarker in the last seven days to find you a varied selection of the most interesting, and we can pretty much guarantee that there'll be something here for everyone.

But before we get into it, here's our week in numbers:

• There were 91 esports jobs added to the board this week, and they came from 52 esports companies operating in an enormous 14 different countries! Activision and Skillz went head-to-head at the top of the tree in terms of number of roles posted, accounting for seven each (15.38% of the overall total).

• The extra diversity on show meant that the USA's share of the esports jobs market dropped to 40.66%, which is an all-time low for them, but we were delighted to see the UK (19.78%) jumping AHEAD of Remote (13.19%) into second place for the first time ever! There's nothing we love more than jobs in esports that come from our very own British Isles.

• Outside of these three big hitters, France and Germany made a return to form with 5.49% each, while we posted four roles from the Netherlands (4.40%) and two from Denmark and South Korea (2.20% each). Finally, Austria (welcome to Hitmarker!), China, Finland, India, Spain (welcome to Hitmarker!) and Taiwan accounted for one apiece (1.10%).

• All-in-all 79.12% of the career opportunities on Hitmarker this week were PAID, with 73.62% of them being full-time paid, 4.40% being part-time paid and 1.10% being freelance paid. The remainder was made up of volunteer positions (12.09%) and internships (8.79%), for a pretty good overall spread.

As you might imagine we had some seriously cool opportunities in esports this week, but this first one was our favourite...

A part-time, contract position as a League of Legends On-air Host/Shoutcaster that pays $5,000 per month in sunny California? Sign us up!

We know there are a bunch of emerging hosts and shoutcasters following us on Twitter and checking the board every day, so if you're one of them and you somehow managed to miss this then go check it out, quick, because it won't be available long!

They're asking for availability on Mondays and Wednesdays, and for the successful candidate to be a passionate esports fan who is looking to break into the on-air talent scene. So if you've got a highlight reel, get it over to them NOW. Do we really need to tell you again?

Hmm, that's not an easy job to follow, but we've got another doozy for you...

The Sacramento Kings (Kings Guard) are back hiring in esports again! We all know the NBA 2K League is going to be huge - despite the controversy of the past week or two - and YOU could be part of it, if you're successful in applying for this great opportunity!

The Kings are looking for a flexible candidate to create/curate written content, graphical content, audio content and visual content, in addition to conducting interviews and much, much more. They're making no secret of the fact that the hours will be long, but we haven't seen too many other jobs in esports with the upside that this one has.

So take a look if you've got content creation experience and a serious knowledge of NBA 2K, because this could be perfect for you!

Now, from one huge NBA team to another...

How's this to round off the top three? Pretty awesome, right?

The Warriors are on the hunt for a qualified and innovate Partnership Development Manager who has a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. If that sounds like you - and you could work from Oakland - then you owe it to yourself to take a deeper dive into this opportunity by clicking the job block above.

They're hoping to hire someone with a Bachelor's degree and at least five years experience in corporate sponsorship and/or account management, but they're offering special consideration to anyone who has esports industry experience. We know a bunch of you are rocking a background like this, so get those applications in!

Moving one from NBA esports to "esports" esports with one of the most famous names around...

The incomparable Team Dignitas have jumped into the esports jobs market! Believe it or not, this was the only remote freelance role added to Hitmarker in the past seven days, but it's probably one of the best we've ever had.

If you're a writer looking for flexibility in your work and you have great knowledge of either League of Legends, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, PUBG, CS:GO, Super Smash Bros Melee or Rocket League you probably need to click in and take a proper look at this one.

You'll have to be aged 16 or above and will be expected to complete a trial period before becoming eligible for paid work, but if you impress the heck out of them then you'll surely move onto big things with this gigantic esports organisation!

However, if writing's not your thing, how about coordination? And we're not talking hand-eye...

Did you know that Epic Games have been making award winning games and game engine technology for over 25 years? That's probably longer than most of you have been alive (wow that's depressing for Old Richy over here...)

If you didn't know that - and you're not too familiar with who Epic are in the first place - then check out their company page where you'll find a direct link to their website and all of their socials. Once you're done, head back here to finish reading about this huge opening with them...

They're looking for someone who is upbeat, organized and self-motivated to help them grow their esports events and operations in Europe. This is an ideal position for a candidate with experience coordinating and executing esports esports, live events and online tournaments, who also comes equipped with excellent written and verbal communication skills.

If we just got your spidey senses tingling then click the job block and get your application sent!

This next job is with another HUGE company, but this time it's in marketing...

Why work at Dell? Why indeed, Mr. Dell?

Well how about the endless challenges and rewards they can offer you? Or the opportunities on six continents? Or maybe the fact that they're a company deeply committed to integrity and responsibility?

Better yet? They're getting involved in esports in a big way! This is great news, because it means they need someone to maintain a comprehensive, up-to-date understanding of esports industry trends, game titles, talent and league operations. That's right, they want to pay YOU to stay abreast of everything that happens in our scene.

The really great thing about this role is the attainability, though, because they're only asking for 1-2 years of experience in esports marketing or management. We KNOW a whole host of you have that in your lockers! So check it out, before it's too late.

This next one goes out to the pencil pushers...

Please don't take "pencil pusher" as a derogatory term - many of our best friends are accountants - and we at Hitmarker know all too well the importance of keeping on top of your company finances...

It seems the awesome DreamHack do too, though, which is why they're on the hunt for an Accountant to work from their Tacoma office! All of the usual stuff is on offer here, including payroll, financial reporting and preparing weekly liquidity plans. To the average man or woman this may sound boring, but we just know the accountants among you are positively giddy right now...

DreamHack are hoping to hire someone with a BA/BS in Accounting or Finance who has three or more years of relevant work experience, so if you're pushing pencils OUTSIDE of esports and want to get in then here's your chance!

Now for something a little different...

This remote volunteer role has been our most popular of the week and it's easy to see why, because the ACS League are one of the most respected leagues in Europe.

They are very open about the fact that this is an opportunity for someone looking to build up their esports resume and are offering a whole host of responsibilities like the following, which makes it a great CV/resume builder:

  • Build and maintain relationships with players and community members
  • Plan and run events for the community (like tournaments)
  • Recruit staff and lead engagement activities

You can all see the value in this, right?

Well, if you've got two years of experience in esports and have knowledge of either CS:GO, Dota2, COD WWII, Rocket League, R6S or FIFA 18 then you could be just what they're looking for!

Now let's round this bad boy off with two awesome esports internships...

Ukie (pronounced you-key) are heavily involved in the UK's games and interactive entertainment industry, which means that they're having more and more to do with esports!

They're offering this superb Digital Marketing Apprenticeship (for all you North American folks, that's what we call an Internship over here) through a great company called WhiteHat, and are paying a salary of £18,000 per year (which isn't bad at all, despite the location being Central London).

So if you're a recent school leaver or non-graduate looking to break into the esports digital marketing scene and could work near Russell Square, you'd be crazy to let this pass you by!

Finally, here's one from the irrepressible Skillz (who are ALWAYS hiring in esports)...

If you could work in San Francisco and you've had some prior experience of drafting strategic media lists and pitches, speaking event research and submissions, media outreach and correspondence, social media account management AND briefing documents for press interviews then you need to STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND CHECK OUT THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

Subtle enough? We think so...

And that, our dear friends, is that!

Don't forget that in addition to these ten awesome esports jobs we actually have two opportunities of our own being advertised at the moment. Yes, that's right, ghostwhite (Hitmarker's parent company) are looking for a couple of new faces to add to our Newcastle office:

Come and work with us in the sunny North East of England! We're past White Walker season now (we work up by The Wall), so it's a pretty great time to join!

Finally, don't forget to check out our Career Advice section if you haven't already, and definitely don't miss out on our offer to check your CV/resume and cover letter FOR FREE! We've already helped around 20 people improve their application packs, and YOU could be next!

Just hit us up via one of the methods attached at the bottom of this post and we'll be there for you.

Thanks for reading and see you next time,

The Hitmarker Team


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