27th Jan 2020 by Will Whittingham

Updated 27th Jan 2020

When is the next Dota International? Dates, location, prize pool & more

Find out everything you need to know about the next Dota International, including dates, location, prize pool and history of the competition in our constantly-updated article.

When is the next Dota International?

The International 2020 will start on the 18th of August 2020 and will run through until the grand final on the 23rd of August 2020.

Where is the next Dota International?

The International 2020 will be returning to Europe for the first time since the first International in 2011. The venue will be the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden, which has a capacity of up to 16,000.

What is the Dota International Prize Pool?

The prize pool for the International 2020 is unconfirmed, but the pool for the International 2019 was the largest in esports history at $34,330,068 USD, and the International is consistently the event in esports with the most cash available to win. The prize pool will be set at an initial level (in 2019 this was $1,600,000 USD) and will increase based on the sales of the 2020 Battle Pass (25% of sales of the pass contributed to the prize pool in 2019).

Who will be competing in the next Dota International

We don’t know which teams will yet qualify for the International 2020. Of the 18 participants, 12 will be selected based on qualification points earned on the Dota Pro Circuit over the course of the year, consisting of officially sponsored majors and minors. The final 6 places will consist of teams who qualify via regional qualifiers from the six major Dota regions (Europe, North America, South America, the CIS, China and South-East Asia). These regional qualifiers will consist of both invited teams and open qualification teams.

What happened at the International 2019

OG defeated Team Liquid in the finals of the International 2019 in Shanghai, making it two titles in a row for the European organisation. OG has maintained three of their title winning players, with Jerax retiring and Ana taking a competitive break. The second placed Team Liquid roster has all left the organisation for the new team, Nigma, so they will be with an entire new roster for the 2020 tournament should they qualify.

Past TI winners and Prize Pools

  • TI1 - Natus Vincere ($1,600,000)
  • TI2 - Invictus Gaming ($1,600,000)
  • TI3 - Alliance ($2,874,380)
  • TI4 - Newbee ($10,923,977)
  • TI5 - Evil Geniuses ($18,429,613)
  • TI6 - Wings Gaming ($20,770,460)
  • TI7 - Team Liquid ($24,787,916)
  • TI8 - OG ($25,532,177)
  • TI9 - OG ($34,330,068)

*All prize pools are in USD