27th Jan 2020 by Will Whittingham

Updated 30th Jan 2020

When is the next LoL Event? Complete League of Legends Events Calendar

Keep yourself up to date with the League of Legends competitive circuit across the world with this constantly-updated article, covering every region that will send a team to Worlds in 2020.

Upcoming League of Legends Events

The below leagues will make up the first split of the 2020 League of Legends events calendar, culminating in MSI (Midseason Invitational), where each region send their top ranked team to compete internationally. The current MSI champions are G2 Esports from the European LEC. The first split also counts towards qualification for the 2020 World Championships in China. The current World Championship holders are FunPlus Phoenix from the Chinese LPL.

The LPL (China)

  • 13th January - 5th April
  • This tournament is currently suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak
  • 17 Teams
The largest region, and home of current world champions FunPlus Phoenix, China’s LPL Has the largest volume of games of any individual region. This does not mean it’s all quantity over quality, with international powerhouses Invictus Gaming and RNG also being in residence.

The LEC (Europe)

  • 24th January - 12th April
  • Broadcast on Friday and Saturday
  • 10 Teams

The European LEC has some of the strongest international showings in recent times, as well as boasting a diversity of teams and fans that comes with a league that spans multiple nations. G2 Esports have been the dominant force in Europe for some time, but teams like Fnatic also tend to perform both domestically and internationally. Keep an eye out for teams like FC Schalke 04, partnered with the famous Bundesliga side, and Excel Esports, who have their office and practice space setup within the legendary Twickenham Stadium.

The LCK (South Korea)

  • 5th February - 12th April
  • Broadcast throughout the week
  • 10 Teams

Nothing represents the success of League of Legends, and esports in general, better than the South Korean LCK. The prominent league has proven to be a breeding ground for talent as well as boasting some of the greatest names in League of Legends history. T1, formerly SKT, is synonymous with success and their talisman Faker is probably the most famous professional esports player of all time. Teams like KT Rolster and Gen.G also have large followings, both within Korea and globally.

The LCS (North America)

  • 25th January - 22nd March
  • Broadcast Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • 10 Teams

The home region of Riot Games, the North American LCS has struggled internationally for quite some time. Well known esports organisations, such as Cloud9, TSM and Team Liquid also call this league their home, and the regional league is one of the most competitive in the world.

The PCS (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia)

  • 8th February - ? (Pending End Date)
  • This tournament is currently suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak
  • 10 Teams

New for 2020, the PCS comprises teams from the old LMS (comprising Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and Southeast Asian league. Comprised of two regions often considered to be a dark horse regions at international events, this new league is poised to be highly competitive and highly skilled. Teams like ahq Esports Club, Hong Kong Attitude and G-Rex will be competing in this new league.

The VCS (Vietnam)

  • 31st January - ? (Pending End Date)
  • Broadcast Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • 8 Teams

The Vietnamese VCS represents the best players and organisations in Vietnam, with past worlds competitors Lowkey Esports and GAM Esports competing. The VCS has a strong tradition of fostering strong domestic talent, making fans of the league especially passionate in support of their teams come international events.

The TCL (Turkey)

  • 1st February - ? (Pending End Date)
  • Broadcast Saturday and Sunday
  • 9 Teams

Always exciting to watch on the international stage, and equally enthralling in the regular season, the Turkish TCL has names familair to those who have never watched the region. Teams like Dark Passage and Royal Youth have shown up to spoil teams days at Worlds, and both 1907 Fenerbahce and Besiktas have teams in the esports league alongside their football teams.

The LLA (Latin America)

  • 15th February - ? (Pending End Date)
  • Broadcast yet to be announced, but is typically on Saturday and Sunday
  • 8 Teams

The Latin American LLA has brought loud support to every international event they have attended, and the atmosphere is just as strong during the regular season. Isurus Gaming put in an admirable performance in the 2019 World Championships, and the LLA will be looking to do nothing but improve on that going forward.

The LCL (The CIS)

  • 22nd February - ? (Pending End Date)
  • Broadcast yet to be announced
  • 8 Teams (Pending Announcement)

The LCL, home region of nations in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independnt States) has yet to release the teams competing in the first split of 2020. The previous home of Unicorns of Love, the region is an excellent place for talent to grow.

The LJL (Japan)

  • 8th February - 8th March
  • Broadcast yet to be announced, but is typically on Saturday and Sunday
  • 8 Teams

The Japanese LJL is one of the most entertaining leagues to watch domestically, even if you have never even visited Japan. DetonatioN FocuMe won hearts at the 2019 World Championships, and will be hoping to leverage that support in a very contested region.

The OPL (Oceania)

  • 31st January - ? (Pending End Date)
  • Broadcast on Friday and Saturday
  • 8 Teams

If you want a more lighthearted, but still high quality League of Legends league to follow, then the Oceanic OPL may be perfect for you. Teams like Legacy Esports and MAMMOTH marry entertaining content and gameplay ability perfectly, making for one of the best regions to follow both domestically and on the road.

The CBLOL (Brazil)

  • 25th January - 11th April
  • Broadcast Saturday and Sunday
  • 8 Teams

The Brazilain CBLOL is packed with talented teams and organisations that are waiting to shine. Flamengo eSports, KaBuM! e-Sports and INTZ e-Sports all contest this region.

Where Can I Watch League of Legends Events?

You can watch every match live and as a video on demand at Riots own esports viewing solution here. If you want to get even more in-depth or specific you can also purchase proview here, which allows you to watch games from a specifics players point of view and with more statistics and information. If you prefer to use a platform you’re more familiar with you can also watch on both Twitch and Youtube, however you will need to do some hunting if you want to watch one of the smaller regions.