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5th Apr 2019 by Richard Huggan

Updated 25th Apr 2019

The world’s top esports teams and where they’re usually hiring

We take a look at Twitter's top 10 most-mentioned esports organizations of 2018 and tell you where you can expect to see them hiring for their jobs.

There are so many companies involved in making esports what it is, but none are admired by fans as much as the esports teams are. Those are the brands we stand behind when it’s game time and the organizations that shine a light on our favorite players.

When it comes to the esports jobs that get posted on HitmarkerJobs.com, we never see our users go as crazy as they do when a top esports team is hiring. After all, it’s the dream of a lot of esports fans to work with their favorite org.

That’s why we wanted to make this list of top esports teams and to tell you where they’re usually hiring. Of course, there are too many awesome esports organizations for us to list them all, so we created this top 10 using Twitter’s most-mentioned esports franchises of 2018.

Twitter is where the esports community lives, after all, so we thought this data would be pretty representative of some of the most popular esports organizations in existence!

1. FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan leads the charge in this list - which isn’t surprising considering the powerhouse status it has in the gaming world. Sporting a network of content creators, streamers and esports teams, FaZe is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Having transcended gaming to become a lifestyle brand, the size of FaZe is easily seen when checking out its social accounts. The organization boasts over 3,500,000 followers on Twitter and over 5,000,000 on Instagram.

In terms of earnings, FaZe has accumulated $6,000,000 from tournaments over its lifetime from, according to Esports Earnings.

If you want to work with FaZe (who wouldn’t?) then you’ll have the best chance of doing so if you’re located in or near Los Angeles, California. Every single one of the full-time esports jobs FaZe has posted with us so far has been located there.

Why not check out the FaZe company page to see what openings there are now?

2. OpTic Gaming

Who else could follow a titan like FaZe than a fellow titan like OpTic Gaming?

OpTic’s Greenwall fanbase is as strong as any in the industry and this esports organization is similar to FaZe in that the brilliant content produced by its players and creators has built brand loyalty unlike anything else in the scene.

OpTic comes close to FaZe’s Twitter following with 3,300,000 followers on that particular platform, though its Instagram count sits well below FaZe’s at 700,000.

Still, one area where OpTic does get the better of FaZe is earnings. As of early 2019, its esports teams have brought in $7,403,193 in lifetime tournament winnings.

OpTic is easily one of the biggest esports organizations on the planet, and if you’re looking to work for the company you’ll find the vast majority of its full-time jobs located in Frisco, Texas. You can always find any positions open at OpTic on its company page on our site.

3. Cloud9

When it comes to the most loved and recognizable esports organizations, Cloud9 always finds a place on the list. With a massive following and top teams competing in a wide range of esports titles, C9 is an esports org that seemingly does it all right.

The official Twitter account of Cloud9 boasts over 750,000 followers and a strong Instagram presence has amassed the organization 430,000 followers to date.

Due to its presence in so many different esports games, C9 has earned an enormous lifetime sum of winnings at esports events - $8,401,681 to be exact!

Just like FaZe, you’ll see the vast majority of jobs with Cloud9 being advertized in Los Angeles, where its headquarters are located.

We know C9 is a fan favorite in the industry and if it has your heart you should make sure to check our page for them on Hitmarker regularly!

4. Fnatic

When you think of dominance in esports, you probably think of Fnatic. Its an iconic brand in esports titles like CS:GO and League of Legends, and backs up that in-game dominance with an awesome brand that continues to raise the bar through superior content and visuals.

The Fnatic Twitter account has an almighty 1,200,000 followers and the Fnatic Instagram isn’t far behind on 830,000. Fnatic is also the fifth most successful team ever when it comes to lifetime earnings, with $12,662,150 to its name.

What’s more, the fact Fnatic has an esports peripherals brand, FNATIC GEAR, means that jobs open up with the company to work in more sectors than just operations for its pro teams.

Fnatic is based out of London, England which is where the bulk of positions for the org open up, but it also hires in Belgrade, Serbia on occasion.

You’ll find any vacancies Fnatic has on their Hitmarker company page.

5. TSM

Another elite esports organization in this list and one of the biggest in terms of fanbases is TSM. An iconic organization in League of Legends and with a huge presence in Fortnite, Team SoloMid has a tight grip on some of the biggest esports games in the scene.

You can see TSM’s status as one of the biggest esports orgs from its giant Twitter and Instagram followings of 2,000,000 and 2,500,000, respectively

TSM is not ranked too highly on Esports Earnings and is listed with $2,931,471 in lifetime event earnings, though with how the prize pool of the LCS is structured this isn’t too surprising.

We’ve seen TSM post jobs in New York City, New York before, but, like most of the esports organizations in this list, Los Angeles is where it hires primarily. Check our TSM company page to see if there are any roles open right now.

6. Houston Outlaws

It’s particularly impressive that Houston features in this list of esports teams, as it’s one of the organizations competing in the Overwatch League, meaning its fanbase is limited to one game. Outlaws is the team operated by OpTic Gaming, which means the Greenwall featured twice in the most mentioned esports teams on Twitter in 2018.

The Outlaws has quickly built one of the strongest social followings of the Overwatch League teams since forming, with 130,000 acolytes on Twitter and 86,000 on Instagram.

Like OpTic, the jobs that Houston has posted with us have only ever been in Frisco but with all OWL teams playing from “home” cities in 2020, the Outlaws company page is definitely one to keep an eye on to see what new opportunities open up in the next 18 months!

7. Dallas Fuel

Next up is another Overwatch League team, this time one owned by Team Envy, another esports organization that competes in a broad spectrum of games. That Envy’s Overwatch team was mentioned more than Envy itself in 2018 is an impressive achievement indeed!

Similar to the Houston Outlaws, Dallas has built one of the strongest followings since the OWL’s inception. On Twitter, the Fuel has amassed 140,000 followers, with 90,000 more on Instagram.

The Envy office is located in Dallas, Texas, which is where you’ll typically see their full-time jobs posted. (Yes, we know that the USA is hoarding all of the esports jobs at the moment!) Still, if you’re based near there or can relocate you should keep an eye on the Dallas Fuel company page to see what roles open up there.

8. G2 Esports

G2 Esports is a unique esports team, as it was founded by former professional player Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez. Since then, Rodríguez has taken G2 to be a global team - as is evident from its inclusion in Twitter’s top 10 list!

G2’s overall social presence stands strong with 440,000 followers on Twitter and 390,000 on Instagram.

Across all of its teams, the organization has won $5,000,000 in prize money from competitive events.

Breaking the trend of all the esports organizations on this list being located in the USA, G2 is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and unsurprisingly most opportunities to work for the organization are there too. This makes G2’s company page one for our European users to keep a check on!

9. London Spitfire

Spitfire claimed victory over the Philadelphia Fusion in the final of the Overwatch League Season 1 Playoffs and was the ninth most-mentioned esports franchise on Twitter in 2018. It is the third Overwatch League team on this list, and just like the Houston Outlaws we’ve already previously listed its ownership team: Cloud9.

Spitfire has similar numbers on socials to the Outlaws and the Fuel. On Twitter, their follow count is 115,000 and on Instagram, it stands at 80,000. Spitfire also has its own YouTube channel outside of the main C9 channel, which has 35,000 subscribers.

Having won the playoffs of the first Overwatch League season the Spitfire does have some past earnings to speak of. Toppling the Fusion in the grand final netted the org a cool $1,000,000 in winnings.

Jobs with London Spitfire are likely to be based in Los Angeles where the Cloud9 offices are, but due to the teams moving to their home cities in 2020 we expect that you’ll see opportunities with the Overwatch part of the org transferring to London.

You can always find Spitfire vacancies right here on its company page on our site.

10. Team Liquid

Liquid is up there with the most prestigious esports teams and organizations in North America. It has a huge following - 460,000 on Twitter and 560,000 on Instagram - and a number of talented teams in a variety of games

When it comes to prize winnings, Team Liquid tops all the competition with a huge $25,451,599 earned across all the esports titles it competes in. Having a star Dota 2 lineup that won the International in 2017 and placed 4th in 2018 has certainly helped drive this number up, due to the mammoth, crowd-funded prize pool that the flagship Dota event has.

What makes Team Liquid especially interesting from a careers perspective is the different projects it also runs. The community resource Liquipedia is a Team Liquid venture, as is the esports creative production company 1UP Studios. For this reason, Team Liquid posts plenty of jobs outside of just working on the team side of things.

We see Team Liquid hire in Utrecht, the Netherlands for Liquipedia roles and in Santa Monica, California when hiring for its esports team or 1UP Studios. You can view Liquid vacancies on its company page.


So there we have it! A little bit of useful information about the 10 most mentioned esports orgs on Twitter in 2018, undeniably some of the most popular on the planet!

If you came here looking for a way to work with your favorite team, we hope we’ve helped set you on the right path.

If not, we at least hope you learned something about where you can find top esports opportunities like the ones these giants post.

Now go find those jobs and make your mark!