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21st Oct 2018 by Cam Brierley

Updated 5th Sep 2019

Locations of Jobs in Esports

What parts of the world get the most esports jobs and which companies frequently hire in those locations? These questions and more are answered in this article! It's a vital read to understand what esports career opportunities exist in your part of the world.

If you’re just starting looking for a career in esports, it can be challenging with all of the jobs across the world to know what will be available and where.

That’s why we at Hitmarker wanted to give you a complete overview of the world and the location of different esports jobs! That way, you can find your area of living and see what kind of jobs are typically found there, allowing you to familiarise with the companies active in that space. Handy, huh?

So welcome to a very thorough covering of the locations of esports careers by Hitmarker!

This is part of a larger content series we’re doing about career advice for how to get a job in esports, which is intended to give you the best chance possible to get into (or advance in) the scene.

It’s true, now more than ever, that esports is a global industry. Tournaments take place all over the world, from the iconic League of Legends event Worlds taking place in China in 2017, to CS:GO events in Brazil, to Dota 2 events in Moscow - esports is universal. Yet, we do see disparity in the locations of different jobs in esports.

We’re going to walk you through what kinds of jobs pop up where in esports and, depending on where in the world you’re from, what sort of companies you can expect to be hiring near you and what kind of job posts they’ll be listing.

Let’s start off with the main hub of activity in the world of esports jobs: the good old US of A.

1. Companies in the United States

Esports jobs are by far most commonly found in the US. In fact, at Hitmarker almost half of the career opportunities we post are situated in the US. That’s a lot of jobs for one country!

But, as we know, it is a pretty huge one. So where are the majority of careers in esports and competitive gaming going to be located in the US?

The West Coast, that’s where. California in particular, but also Washington to a lesser extent, hold something of a monopoly on the esports jobs in the US.

We’ll get into what to expect from the west coast in just a second, but we just want to make sure the rest of the Americans aren’t fretting. Texas is becoming a hotspot for esports careers, thanks to several major companies being stationed there. The east coast doesn’t suffer too much for jobs in esports, either, with a solid number of roles popping up around New York and its surrounding area.

So, yes, while the jobs do center around the West Coast, there is certainly something for everyone in the US!

1a. United States - West Coast

If you’re an esports fan living on the West Coast, count yourself lucky; the roles that you’re exposed to much outweigh anywhere else in the world. As you might expect, the hub of the West Coast for esports professions is California. With esports being a young, digital industry, Californians benefit from jobs coming in from Silicon Valley where you’ll find lots of start up companies offering exciting job opportunities in the scene. There's also lots of esports companies in Los Angeles, meaning you'll be well-suited to find a job if you're located there. We usually see job postings here looking for people on the more technical side of esports, such as Software Engineers.

Here are some of the esports companies you can expect to see hiring for talent on the west coast:

  • Blizzard - Having an office in Irvine as well as the Blizzard arena in Burbank means you’ll often see this enormous esports organization recruiting in California.
  • Activision - Activision are present in many areas of the world when it comes to their hiring, but it's their Santa Monica office where you’ll find most of their vacancies.
  • Riot Games - One of the most global companies in esports, Riot has two offices on the West Coast - in San Francisco and Los Angeles - so are certainly a good source of esports jobs in that area of the world.
  • Twitch - The home of esports streaming, Twitch is one of the largest companies in the scene and its offices in San Francisco and Seattle are a great vein to extract esports careers from.
  • Various esports teams - We understand this is vague, but there are a bunch of high-level esports teams based in California including Cloud9, Immortals, 100 Thieves, Counter Logic Gaming and more. The sorts of jobs they’ll be recruiting for can vary massively, accommodating the newer blood in the scene and the experienced players both.
  • Amazon / Amazon Game Studios - A major force in Seattle, Washington, Amazon will put out a fair few careers in esports due to their game studio (and their ownership of Twitch).
  • Razer - Though the majority of their recruiting takes place in Singapore, Razer are still prone to post jobs on the West Coast. Surprise, surprise - they’re in California in either Irvine or San Francisco.
  • Skillz - Mobile heavyweights of esports and, thankfully for us, its hiring! Skillz post lots of jobs in San Francisco in all areas of esports and will usually need a few years of experience.

1b. United States - Central

Excuse our inaccurate terminology; central USA works for the locations you’ll find esports careers in. This very-general grouping basically refers to anywhere that isn’t on or around the West or East coast. It is, unfortunately, nowhere near as abundant for esports jobs as the West Coast, but there are still careers to be forged in this area.

Wisconsin and Illinois produce a handful of relevant jobs each, but the esports hub of the central area of the US is, without a doubt, Texas.

This is down to a lot of companies that do a fair amount of recruiting being situated here. Multiple top-tier teams are located in Texas, as well as other brands in esports. Here are some of the companies you can expect to find hiring for esports personnel in the central section of the US:

  • Infinite Esports & Entertainment - Being the majority Stakeholders in OpTic Gaming make these guys a reliable source of esports jobs in the industry. Whether they’re hiring for OpTic, their OWL team the Houston Outlaws or infinite themselves, you’ll find great opportunities in esports with this company.
  • Team EnVyUs - The Dallas office of Team EnVyUs serves as their headquarters, and as a result is where many jobs of theirs are located.
  • compLexity Gaming - A recent investment into compLexity has prompted their entire organization to relocate to Frisco, and has given them the money to hire more staff, so these guys will be responsible for a proportion of the roles posted in this area.
  • Clutch Gaming - If the name of the org sounds unfamiliar, their owners won’t - NBA team The Houston Rockets. And, as their parent company’s name would suggest, they’re located in Houston.
  • BenQ - Peripheral giants of esports is the best way to describe BenQ. Through their monitors or their gaming brand, ZOWIE by BenQ, you’ll have heard of this company and will be pleased to hear they frequently hire for people in Plano.

1c. United States - East Coast

The East Coast is a booming market in other industries due to its hotspots of New York and Boston. Esports, however, doesn’t benefit in the same way from these cities (yet), with careers in these areas more limited than you’d expect.

Boston very rarely produces jobs in esports, leaving New York to carry the brunt of the responsibility - something it's been doing increasingly well in. There are certainly a good few esports companies in NYC and its surrounding area, while Georgia is surprisingly active in the scene as well.

If you are on the East Coast and looking to get work in esports, here are the companies most likely to post jobs in the scene:

  • NBA 2K League - Thank the stars for the NBA 2K League for offering more jobs to New York! Launched in May 2018, the League is another interesting step for esports to follow as it brings a game which has a traditional sport alternative to the masses. You can expect them to recruit people to help in the running of the league in New York
  • NYXL - With initials beginning with “New York”, you can imagine the roles that this company posts vacancies for are located there, and you’d be right! Whilst not hiring too often, New York esports fans should keep their eyes peeled for chances to work for NYXL.
  • Splyce - Splyce are removed from New York City, but their Rochester office provides some nice esports jobs for new fans in the scene and more experienced professionals as well. We’ve recently seen them hire for more staff (good luck to any of you who applied for those roles!) so hope we’ll see more career ads by them in the future.
  • DBLTAP - A content company in esports who create brilliantly-made interviews and other video content, DBLTAP have an office in New York City. As such, journalists, editors and others interested in the flow of content should keep their eyes on this company who advertise for employees and interns at a decent rate.
  • Scuf Gaming - Now to tell you about jobs at a company that’s not based in New York! Scuf Gaming, manufacturers of custom gaming controllers, typically post jobs in Suwanee, Georgia.
  • Turner/ELEAGUE - Turner’s esports initiative, ELEAGUE, is based in Atlanta and while not being as bountiful for jobs as some companies, these careers will be esports to their core.

2. Canada

Canada has yet to catch up with the US in the number of careers in esports it pumps out.

Nevertheless, the country does offer some breaks into esports, particularly in Toronto, though careers can also be found in areas like British Columbia too.

Here are the companies we see regularly posting esports professions in Canada:

  • theScore Esports - The news and media outlet theScore Esports has an office in Toronto and as a result looks for its full-time staff to be based out of there.
  • EA - The gargantuan games publisher EA have been known to post jobs pertaining to esports in Canada, to work from their office in Burnaby, British Columbia.
  • Battlefy - Battlefy is a host of online esports tournaments that allows tournament organizers to easily schedule and post events, and provides players a platform to compete on. Their office in Vancouver is one of the primary flows of jobs in esports for Canada.

3. Remote

We know this isn’t strictly a location of jobs, but we had to add it because it’s the second most popular “location” of careers on Hitmarker!

Remote jobs allow you to work from home, usually from anywhere in the world but will sometimes specify that you need to be in a certain country to perform your duties.

Roles that don’t require you to be in an office will often be volunteer roles from esports organizations trying to establish themselves, but we do also see a strong (and growing) number of paid remote esports jobs, either as full-time employees, part-time employees or freelance contractors. These can be great if you’re juggling other responsibilities, such as another job, an education or looking after your family, and are unable to relocate.

Let’s take a look at some of the types of companies you’ll find hiring for people to fill remote jobs for them, as there are too many different companies to list individual ones:

  • Esports news/content publications - Websites that post news and content pertaining to esports frequently look for people to work remotely for them on a freelance basis. What’s more, these are usually paid, at least among the companies with some standing.
  • Teams and organizations - Making graphics, writing articles, translating between languages and more - all of these duties can be done without needing to be in an office. That means there are plenty of opportunities we see at teams that allow you to work remotely!
  • Leagues - Leagues hire people remotely to fill roles in areas such as commentary/analysis and observing of games, to name a few, and can be a great way to get started in esports.
  • Ecommerce companies - If a brand has a product they sell and deliver online, then they may allow people to work remotely for them to secure more sales or other positions in the business.

4. United Kingdom

If you follow a few of our posts you’ll probably know that Hitmarker is from the UK, and our office is based in Newcastle. We’re somewhat of an exception as esports companies in the UK go, as the majority of jobs in the scene are in London.

And while there are a few esports jobs in other areas of the UK, they are certainly limited and with the small size of our country it may be wise to be willing to relocate to London or somewhere else for a job if you’re hunting for that esports career in the UK.

Here are some of the companies that recruit for esports talent in the United Kingdom:

  • ghostwhite - Are we allowed to include ourselves on this list? Ah, screw it, our list our rules! Hitmarker and its parent company, ghostwhite, is based in Newcastle upon Tyne and trying to break the London-centric nature of esports jobs in the UK. If you’re around our area and looking to work in esports, the best news is you’ll never miss a job post from us if you follow Hitmarker closely!
  • FACEIT - FACEIT is probably the company we see the most hiring in the UK. This is more of a company for CS:GO fans, but they do operate in other games so don’t rule them out as an employer if you’re a fan of other games. They’re based in London and thus fill jobs in that city.
  • Gfinity - Gfinity are another UK esports giant operating out of London. Running Leagues is their primary function, so expect to see jobs from them in that sector.
  • Activision - Activision has an awesome campus in Datchet, just outside of London, that they are frequently recruiting people for, and they also hold offices in Central London as well.
  • Ubisoft - Not as esports-centric as the above companies, but Ubisoft join us in representing Newcastle in the gaming world! So things aren’t as bleak as London-everything when it comes to careers in esports, are they?

5. Germany

There tends to be a similar number of jobs posted by us each week from Germany and the UK, with Germany generally leading the charge by a slight margin. This is largely down to ESL and their plethora of job offerings in Cologne.

Other than ESL and the jobs they bring to that particular city, esports fans can also find a fair amount of roles in Berlin - a city that is building a bit of a reputation as a hub for esports - as well as the odd roles being posted in Hamburg.

Here are the companies you’ll find posting esports jobs in Germany and where in the country they’re likely to be:

  • ESL - The world’s largest esports company is how ESL sometimes refer to themselves, and their job posts match this. They frequently hire for roles in Cologne across all areas of the industry and at all levels.
  • Riot Games - The publisher of the world’s most popular video game, League of Legends, has one of their many offices in Berlin and we see a fair few roles being posted in this location.
  • G2 Esports - This esports powerhouse has their office HQ in Berlin, so expect to see jobs operating in an esports team coming from these guys in the country’s capital.
  • Razer - Razer has their European office in Hamburg, so for those of you far from Berlin or Cologne maybe you can find a career in one of the biggest peripheral companies in esports here.
  • Freaks 4U Gaming - Freaks 4U Gaming is a marketing agency with roots in Germany. For marketers looking for a break in esports that are in Germany, this company is definitely one to keep an eye on.

6. Sweden

Sweden are blessed by the esports jobs flowing from a few organizations in particular. The hub for these is the capital, Stockholm, which seems the vast majority of jobs in esports. Esports jobs in Sweden seem to have even more bias to Stockholm as UK jobs have to London, and that’s saying something!

Here are the jobs you’ll find in Sweden from esports companies who hire fairly frequently, and unfortunately for those of you not in the capital they’re all in Stockholm:

  • DreamHack - A giant of esports who frequently posts esports jobs is DreamHack, the tournament organizer and digital festival is headquartered in Stockholm. They post both junior and senior roles in esports.
  • MTG - Modern Times Group, or MTG is the parent company of both ESL and DreamHack. Just like DreamHack, they are in Stockholm and will hire for people there on occasion.
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas - Legends in the CS:GO scene NiP is an esports org based in, guess where, Stockholm! They don’t post jobs with the frequency of the previous two companies, but when they do they’re usually lights-out ones.
  • Challengermode - Challengermode is a platform that offers online competitions for gamers. They are based in Stockholm and post esports careers fairly regularly.

7. Rest of Europe

We’ve only done county-specific sections for the above three countries because the rest of Europe is fairly lacking in terms of esports jobs.

We do find a few dotted around in countries like France, Poland, The Netherlands, Spain, and Austria, but not at the frequency we’d like.

Here is what companies you may find posting jobs in the rest of Europe:

  • PUBG - PUBG Corporation has an office in Amsterdam that we sometimes see them adding to.
  • Riot Games - A truly global provider of jobs, Riot have offices in Paris and Barcelona that contribute to the number of careers we find in the less active jobs in Europe.
  • Red Bull - Red Bull Media House is a section of Red Bull that will sometimes hire staff to help in the production of esports content for their office in Salzburg, Austria.
  • Blizzard - Just like Riot do, Blizzard offer jobs in many different parts of the world, including the odd few in The Hague in Holland and Versailles, in France.
  • Kinguin - Possessing a gaming marketplace and a competitive esports org with multiple teams, Kinguin is the primary source of jobs in esports for fans in Poland. Their primary office is in Warsaw, as are the majority of their positions.

8. Asia

Asian esports is dominated by the Chinese market, though other countries still develop opportunities in themselves. The Chinese esports market is absolutely huge, with a fierce fanbase behind League of Legends that is slowly growing into other games.

Other countries in Asia that we see esports careers in include Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and Australia, though all of these are infrequent to come across.

A hindrance for us, of course, is that a lot of jobs in the above countries are not posted in the English language and therefore we don’t always pick up on them.

Where the work placements in esports are popping off is largely in South Korea and China; some of the international companies in esports have offices there. Let’s take a walk through some of the companies we see recruiting in Asia and where about they hire for:

  • SuperCell - The mobile gaming giant posts roles all over the world, and we’ve seen them list positions relating to esports in both Shanghai and Tokyo.
  • Razer - A great source for jobs in esports for the engineer and business-savvy people, Razer hire people in Singapore at a pretty decent pace.
  • Blizzard - Blizzard has offices all over the world, including in Shanghai, making them a fairly regular poster of positions in the industry.
  • Riot Games - A favorite company among the Hitmarker team for their exceptionally written job adverts and their broad hiring of esports personnel, Riot have offices in China, Singapore and Tokyo that hire enough staff for us to include them.

So there you have it! Hitmarker’s comprehensive list of where you can find the locations of esports jobs, and a little information about the types of companies who hire in those areas.

Hopefully this has helped you narrow down what kind of opportunities exist in your area, or has given you an idea of where you may need to consider relocating to if a career in esports is your only focus.

Image credit: DreamHack / Jennika Ojala