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Activision is a US-based video game publisher with headquarters in Santa Monica, California. They were founded in 1979, and at that time were the first independent developer and distributor of games for consoles. As of 2017 they are one of the largest third-party publishers in the world and are a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, which was formed in a 2008 merger between Activision and Vivendi Games, becoming totally independent in 2013.

With fingers in so many pies, Activision's job posts are as diverse as their games are awesome. From legal jobs, artwork coordinators and everything in between, Activision are frequently hiring and in many different countries. Having offices in the United Kingdom, they can be a great source to look for esports jobs in the UK if you have some experience and higher education to back up your application, as many of their roles will ask for that. But don't let that put you off if you're from elsewhere in the world; we also see plenty of jobs they post that require people in The Netherlands and the USA, as this truly is a global company.

One thing we see fairly often is Activision posting internships, so these guys can be great to get that first foot on the esports ladder.

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