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Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Amazon is the world's largest internet retailer when measured in revenue, and was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Amazon made waves in esports in August 2014 when they bought Twitch, the de facto home for esports and gaming livestreams, for $970m.

Since then, Amazon has been becoming more integrated with esports through its initiatives with Twitch such as gifting users that have Amazon Prime a new membership pack called Twitch Prime. Twitch Prime allows its users to subscribe to one channel every month, supporting that content creator, and also gifts them free esports goodies such as in-game items like skins and items. There are also other benefits, namely being able to watch Twitch streams without adverts.

Being such a large company it's hard to expect what kind of esports careers Amazon will be looking for in the future. From what they've posted in the past, it's clear that this isn't a company you should be aiming for as that first esports job, as their roles typically require multiple years of experience. If you have that in some capacity, however - be it software, management, or something else - then be sure to keep tuned to Hitmarker for any roles they'll post in the future that suit your skills.

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