BitGamer — Earn While You Play. ™

We are, a decentralized tournament platform where gamers can play, socialize, and compete with one another for our cryptocurrency known as Bit Tokens (BTK).

According to a recent poll, 4 out of 5 League of Legends players wish that they could play video games for a living. There are 250 million League of Legends players worldwide. There are currently over 2.3 billion gamers and climbing. This means that 1 out of every 3 people in the world are considered gamers. And what we are doing is providing a platform where all gamers can connect, socialize, play, and possibly earn a living doing what they already love doing best — playing video games.

Our platform hosts what we call Smart Tournaments which are decentralized tournaments that uses built-in technology that lets any user create his/her own tournament in whatever fashion they would like. This could range from 2-man tournaments to unlimited amount of players in size. They can choose to create it with the entry cost at 0, or they can put an Entry Fee of BTK which will create a Prize Pool. Whoever the winners are will receive portions of the Prize Pool distributed via smart contracts between the players. For tournament upkeep and staff costs, Bitgamer will take a 5% platform fee; 2% going back to the gamers via the Bounty Program and 3% going back to the platform. This will help the platform sustain itself; making it a truly decentralized platform for all gamers to call home.

We believe that esports will become the #1 Sport in the Future and that by 2024, when video games become an official Olympic Games sport, that the entire esports market will begin to see new heights, and Bitgamer will be the first to market with our platform and become that bridge between the masses and the adoption of blockchain technology.