Officially founded in November 2018, Dropz Esports A.S.D. was born from the desire to enrich the traditional management of the sport business industry with the innovative management of an export team. The great passion that has always animated us for exporting convinced us that it was necessary to go beyond the simple personal experience and involve more people through the creation of a competitive team. A simple image, but strong in its meanings, was also necessary. Our logo is represented by a drop of water. Every single member of our group and every single sympathizer is a drop: an element that, despite its individuality, expresses in the union all the strength of nature that accumulates in an undisputed energy. It is a symbol that fully grasps the meaning of the term "competitive": like a river in flood, we want to bring dynamism to the Italian world of competitive electronic sports. Drop by drop, we want to fill all those who support us with emotions and satisfaction. A DROP, AN OCEAN.

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