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Epic Games

Epic Games jobs have the exciting possibility of working on the epic (and addicting!) game Fortnite, which has blown up due to its immensely poplar Battle Royale game mode.

Fortnite's early-release game went out to the public in 2017, and they have since taken the gaming world by storm, opening up plenty of Epic Games careers both in esports and the more casual side to Fortnite.

Assisting in the game's popularity spike and increasing number of Fortnite jobs opening up has been multiple high-profile celebrities from mainstream industries taking to the Battle Bus to try their luck in the game, most notably rappers Drake and Travis Scott when they teamed up with the popular streamer-turned-gaming-superstar Ninja.

Epic Games jobs posts are most probably going to be marketing-related and community focused as well as some with a emphasis on maintaining the companies' website and social medias. Lots of jobs in Fortnite open up from roles in areas like production of the game and development of its engines across all platforms.

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