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Esports Arena

Opening on October 3, 2015, the Esports Arena was an idea conceived by Paul Ward in 2010. After pitching to Santa Ana building owner Jack Jakosky, they secured the location and investment, which they transformed into the Esports Arena - a venue to host esports competitions and tournaments.

An odd employer in the space, Esports Arena jobs are likely to be focused in the operations of their venues, allowing those of you with skills from other avenues in life possibly meeting their prerequisite requirements. On top of day-to-day running, look for jobs in the Esports Arenas as a chef or any other part of their hospitality and service staff.

The company made headlines by opening an Esports Arena in Las Vegas, inside the Egyptian-themed hotel and casino Luxor. This brought the mainstream media focus once again onto esports. Esports Arena Las Vegas jobs may take a different form to those in their other arenas, as the arena has a fully functioning esports arena so may hire more frequently, and also seek people in sectors like refereeing.

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