Polar Ace was established in December 2016 as Angel Snipe Gaming by CEO/Owner Derek Dobosz. He changed the name to Tempus Sol in spring 2017 and built a League of Legends team. They competed in the qualifier for the Challenger series. Derek then changed the name from Tempus Sol to Polar Ace in April 2017. He took a short hiatus and restarted Polar Ace in the beginning of 2018. this time as an esports organization involved in many games with a vast community.

Since then, Polar Ace has grown to include:

  • Teams in over 20 games
  • Staff from all around the world
  • A vibrant Discord server with 4500+ members at
  • Polar Ace TV: where our streamers are live 24/7
  • Polar Ace Partnership Platform

From esports to entertainment, we foster a community for all and enhance the entertainment experience for fans. We all share the same passion for the community and we are looking for equally passionate people to join our team.

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