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Twitch is more than just a broadcasting platform, it's a community. Launched in 2011 as, Twitch is a world leader in streaming and broadcasting for esports - featuring top teams such as OpTic and FaZe, individuals like Ninja and DrDisRespect, and has signed exclusive broadcasting deals such as the Overwatch League in 2018. The platform sees 15 million visitors daily and two million unique channels being made per month. Twitch has over 500 employees and its headquarters are based in San Francisco.

Being such a key player in esports and gaming in general, Twitch always seem to be hiring and jobs in the esports department could crop up in a load of different positions. From account managers to marketers, to customer service reps and people who look for partnership opportunities, and of course back-end engineers to maintan the platform - it's doubtless to say that Twitch is a goldmine for esports jobs should you possess the skills they'll require.

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