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Content Manager

12 days ago by Arbitrium Gloriam Esports

  Remote (Anywhere)

Level: Junior

Contract: Volunteer

Sector: Operations

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Founded in 2017 then re-founded in 2018, Arbitrium Gloriam Esports or AG Esports started out as 4 guys playing Gamebattles then slowly turned into a global Esports Club fielding teams in Call of Duty, Rocket league, and Rainbow 6. We at AG are not only dedicated to competing at the highest level of esports but also shaping and innovating the future of esports as we know it. We also strive to entertain new audiences all over the world via our live streams, youtube videos and tournaments. We are determined, we are dedicated, we dominate the competition, we are the green nation!

REMINDER: This is currently an unpaid position, however there is potential for future compensation depending on the state of the organization. In the event that we are in the position to offer pay, a legally binding contract will be written up


Our current staff has run the community and organization off of pure determination, dedication and love for the Esports scene and all of us are proud to call AG Esports our home and be apart of the Green nation and AG brotherhood. This is of utmost importance that our staff members are motivated to produce quality outcomes no matter the situation good or bad. Our staff are super competitive and we all expect each other to perform our given job at the best of our abilities. Our roles are all somehow connected to each other and one person not performing will affect our entire staff and the performance of our organization like dominoes.

AG is looking for a dedicated and skilled content manager to help build and grow our content department. All candidates must have knowledge of streaming and content creation as well as having the ability to be able to scout potential talent to bring into our organization. This position requires constant communication with the VP of content and Our executives.


  • Help manage the content creation department
  • Scout for potential streamers and content creators
  • Work alongside the VP of content creation to set expectations and guidelines
  • Be a representative for AG when welcoming new and potential streamers and Content Creators


  • Must have experience with twitch, mixer, or youtube gaming
  • Proficient verbal and written communication skills
  • 1+ yr in business management
  • Be a streamer yourself (optional)

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