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(Expired) Recruiter

5 months ago by Broken eSports


Level: Intermediate

Contract: Freelance (Paid)

Sector: Human Resources

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Broken eSports is looking for top of the line talent in a multiple games. As our recruiter we would need you to:

  • Research up and coming gamers for a list of games
  • Understand the competitive market you are looking into
  • Ensure the players your send to talk to us are Top Tier player in the given game and/or have great talent that can be increased
  • Follow up in Meetings with Broken eSports Management to ensure you are looking for players in the games we need


We are looking to hire a freelance recruiter to Broken eSports to help us find the best talent out there. This will require a lot of research and time to ensure the right players are being selected and that the players are up to par with the AMs or Pros in their respective game.

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This job has expired and applications are now closed.