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(Expired) Sponsor Recruiters

5 months ago by Deadite Streaming

  Remote (Anywhere)

Level: Junior

Contract: Volunteer

Sector: Sales

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Hello. This is Deadite Streaming. I'm gonna need some help getting sponsors, and you're gonna need help running quality events that people will sponsor. Let's help each other.

This is the team essentially in charge of sponsorships.

You will find, speak to, and open up with people and businesses that can give us money, in return, you will ask the owner (me), to run events for and promote them.

That's all there is to the job, you and the rest of the team will have to work on your own to recruit sponsors and get them in the door, and act as middle man (or woman) between myself and the sponsors.

This will be a pay upon pay job. If you get money in the org, you take some of that cash home.

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This job has expired and applications are now closed.