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5 months ago by Disconnected Talks

Baton Rouge (Louisiana), USA

Level: Junior

Contract: Volunteer

Sectors: Software Engineering, IT

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Newtube is an idea that came to me not too long ago. I really started to think about acting on after hearing some Youtubers complain over Twitter about how unfair Youtube has been recently. When it comes to monetization, it’s no secret that Youtube can be sketchy. Also creators have been complaining about view damaging bugs. These are two problems I will not encounter with our Newtube.

What is Newtube? It’s a soon to be start up that will be considered the number one competitor of Youtube. Much like Twitch and Mixer there will be similarities between Youtube and Newtube with the exception of we will provide better video editing, monetization and more. We will partner with a video editing company to make things as easy and affordable for our creators. The rules and guidelines behind monetization will be decided at a later date.

I am looking for someone who is passionate about coding as well as educated, I don’t have a desired experience level as long as you can prove yourself. I have tried several times to get into web dev and coding and it’s just not my forte. I want to be the buisness side of our Newtube.

Just to be clear the name will not stay “Newtube” obviously just a filler name until we come up with something. I’m not only looking for a coder, i’m looking for a buisness partner and a friend. I have no intentions to use you only for your skills. We will grow and learn together. This job is remote but if you live in or close to Baton Rouge, Louisiana it’s much preferred.

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