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5 months ago by Esportspedia

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Level: Junior

Contract: Volunteer

Sector: Data

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We, the Esportspedia Family, are looking for contributors that love Esports and want to join our team to help create a better Esports environment. If you have the drive, passion and time for Esports and video games in-general, this is the right fit for you!

Check out our family of Wikis:

  • Halo Wiki
  • Call of Duty Wiki
  • Smite Wiki
  • League of Legends Wiki
  • Collegiate Wiki

Positions Available:

  • Halo Wiki Contributor
  • Call of Duty Wiki Contributor
  • Smite Wiki Contributor
  • League of Legends Wiki Contributor
  • Collegiate Wiki Contributor

About Us:

Esports One is the parent company of Esportspedia. Esports One is a revolutionary esports data and analytics company that changes the way fans watch and engage with esports. Through our proprietary machine vision technology, custom datasets and customizable modules, all available as Twitch extensions, you are able to watch esports like never before.

Esportspedia is a family of competitive esports wikis. We currently cover Halo, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Smite and Collegiate, with additional sites in development. Currently, positions are open across our Call of Duty, Smite, League of Legends, Halo and Collegiate teams, with brand new Wikis following up soon!

Wiki Contributor:

You will join our current team of contributors who is responsible for updating the Esportspedia wiki sites, with all the relevant information relating to your wiki’s game title. Within the main contributor team, we have smaller teams that are select and split to each game title. Here are the roles and responsibilities of an Esportspedia Contributor:

  • Updating certain events, as they happen, on the wiki
  • Finding and Updating missing information for a particular game title - such as team, player and competition pages.
  • Ensuring the accuracy of historical data in the wiki.
  • Ensure accuracy of historical data in wiki


The one main standard that you need to have is a passion for esports and an ambition to become a core member of the team, who is reaching beyond the stars. As well as this, we do have just a few specific guidelines as well:

  • Join our weekly Game Time and Town Hall Wednesdays and be a part of the team and the fun.
  • You must be able to join and actively participate in our Discord and our Trello boards.
  • Ongoing communication with manager and other team members.
  • The passion and desire to take the initiative and show us your potential and abilities within the Wikis.


Here at Esportspedia, we appreciate your hard work and determination and we realise that without the ESPD contributors, there wouldn’t be an Esportspedia. That is why we have a generous reward scheme that means if you work hard, you will get something out of it.

We offer a reward system that is based on the amount of time that you have been working as an active contributor and the amount of work you put in. If you put in more hours, after a certain number, you will receive some much needed - and deserved - financial reward.

We can offer you an opportunity. This opportunity is one of a kind, and it can be the difference between you having your dream career in esports or you working any other everyday job. We have several members of our management team, who started off as a volunteer and are now in paid employment within Esportspedia:

  • Jordan O’Hara - Started as a volunteer for ESPD Social Media and is now the Director of Marketing at Esports One.
  • Rubén Pastrana - Smite Wiki Manager
  • Kascey Malone - Halo Wiki Manager
  • Aodhán McKenna - CoD Wiki Manager
  • Randy Santiago Perez​​ - CoD Wiki Manager​
  • Jalexis Guzman - CoD Wiki Manager​

Furthermore we offer you:

  • The ability to cover events for a preferred game and/or region (if possible).
  • Press passes to cover esports events representing Esportspedia, and for those who really excel, even possibly event stipends.
  • Further growth opportunities for excelling members within the organization, including the possibility of being promoted to a paid and more consistent role.
  • A community that is friendly and welcoming, for people of all backgrounds!
  • Rewards, such as contributor of the week, contributor of the month, including community events and tournaments with rewards included. There is also a weekly raffle, that takes place for contributors who attend the Town Hall event.

How to Apply:

Interested in joining the Esportspedia family? Great! To apply, click the button below and tell us why you want to become part of the team.

We look forward to receive your application, and hope you’re as excited as we are to get started! You can expect a speedy response to your application within a maximum of two working days.

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This job has expired and applications are now closed.