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Lead Frontend Engineer

11 days ago by FanAI

  Santa Monica (California), USA

Level: Intermediate

Contract: Full Time (Paid)

Sector: Software Engineering

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Fan.ai is a sponsorship analytics startup based in Santa Monica, CA.

The acknowledged leader in esports audience analytics, we’re poised to expand our SaaS platform into traditional sports, entertainment and brands and build out the product offering for top leagues, teams, events, influencers and agencies to better understand, grow and predict fan audiences across these verticals.

By delivering a market-leading suite of analytics tools, our platform yields improved sponsorship sales, more-targeted marketing activity, better-informed choices about player and team trades, and better-tailored activation and engagement strategies.

In the process of a seven-figure Series A investment round, we are currently backed by some of the best investors in Sports and Entertainment, and our team is passionate about applying machine learning and social physics to a growing community of fans, players and influencers.

Our team members and board advisors have worked in leading positions at some of the world’s largest data companies, including Facebook and Google.

The Role

Reporting into our VP of Technology, you will define the front-end architecture and lead the implementation across our platform development practice. You’ll take responsibility for the quality, performance and security of our front-end codebase, and have a key role in ensuring we maintain high standards with regards to customer experience across the board.

As the Front-End Engineering Lead, you should expect to have several direct supervisees, particularly in the front-end engineering team, whose wellbeing and growth you will be responsible for, and whose regular one-to-ones and performance reviews you’ll be expected to conduct. You’ll also be centrally-involved in ensuring appropriate resource allocations to maximize that team’s output, and in the hiring process for front-end and back-end engineering resources to bring additional capacity to bear.

You’ll be heavily Product-oriented, and your role will require you to keep a strong eye on cross-platform and performant UI development, and to support on the marketing side of the business as appropriate. You’ll be a key leader in technology assessment and integration across the front-end stack.

Within the Product context, you’ll be expected to design for scale, find repeatable models for displaying complex data visualizations, and to work with the back-end engineering team to optimize performance and responsiveness.

A talented communicator, you’ll be looking to continue the growth of your interpersonal skills in a professional setting, and will be responsible for translating complex technical concepts into digestible terms for our internal and external client stakeholders.

You’ll take responsibility, in partnership with Scrum Master(s) and Product leadership, for ensuring that the front-end engineering team operate as a high-functioning unit in our agile delivery organisation.

Continual improvement of our delivery infrastructure and methodology will be a constant background focus for you, improving our time to market and in-market resilience.

This is the role for you, if

  • You have deep expertise in understanding, selecting and implementing the appropriate frameworks and packages across different technology and infrastructure solutions
  • You are developing ever-stronger front-end architecture and design skills, including SOA/microservices experience
  • You possess familiarity with the modern data visualization ecosystem and relevant practices: graph data, charting, performance considerations when working with large datasets, etc.
  • You have a strong understanding of API performance fundamentals and related dev tools
  • You’re experienced using asynchronous approaches to UI rendering
  • You have strong skills in front-end application design
  • You are proficient with Google Cloud Platform, Firebase/Firestore and React
  • You have hands-on experience with development and deployment automation technologies
  • You understand the benefits of TDD and are able to write maintainable unit tests
  • You are able to coach more junior developers, and have a desire to see them excel as you aid them in taking on new challenges
  • You are able to communicate effectively, in both written and verbal forms, with technical and non-technical cross-functional teams
  • You are comfortable with Agile delivery management tools and practices such as Jira, Confluence, Trello, and Agile methods such as Scrum
  • You have a mastery of Git and GitHub workflows
  • You have the DNA to be part of a fast, vibrant, ever-changing tech startup
  • You want to be part of the core team of FanAI, a venture-backed, extremely well-connected startup in Santa Monica


  • Deep understanding of React/Redux
  • Understand state management, when and when not to use Redux
  • Using Webpack to bundle javascript applications
  • Jest or similar unit testing framework/libs
  • General accessibility (WCAG 2.0)
  • Performance profiling and debugging

Bonus Points for

  • Google Cloud Platform CI/CD
  • Google Analytics
  • Automation testing using tools such as Selenium, Webdriver.io, Cypress, etc
  • Experience working on UI component libraries
  • Data visualization with HighCharts, D3 or similar
  • Redux middleware and/or conceptually how it is used and the benefits of middleware in general

We provide a fast-growing, fun and professional atmosphere. A place to express and grow yourself professionally and the opportunity to advance your career through working with some of the most advanced technology and talented developers in the business.

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