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Front-end (React) Developer

24 days ago by Gamer Arena

  Istanbul, Turkey

Level: Intermediate

Contract: Full Time or Part Time (Paid)

Sector: Software Engineering

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Gamer Arena is an online competitive esports platform where gamers can match and compete with opponents and teams of their skill level across numerous skill-based gaming titles (LoL, FIFA, ..), earn money, enter and work their way through the ladder all the way to professional gaming stardom.

We are a startup with an established board and investor staff from the Turkish esports ecosystem. Our office is located in Sapphire İstanbul (4. Levent).

We are looking for a ​React Developer​ who lives by best practices and has demonstrated the ability to get things done to work with us on our website & mobile app. W​e are open to full-time or part-time (at least 3 days/week) applications.


  • you want to see how things unfold in the startup ecosystem,
  • you have a portfolio demonstrating your ability to get things done with React,
  • you have an obsession to make the user experience simple, intuitive and enjoyable
  • and you are a gamer (not a must, but a plus for sure!)

Our technology stack is currently;

  • React, NextJS, Saga on the front-end
  • React Native on the mobile app
  • Django (Python) API on the back-end
  • Docker - AWS ECS

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