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KOL Manager (Talent Manager & Scout for Esports and Gaming)

5 days ago by NetEase Games

  Manila, Philippines

Level: Intermediate

Contract: Full Time (Paid)

Sector: Human Resources

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  1. Responsible for recruiting and training KOL (Key Opinion Leader); Collate and analyze the operation data of KOL, and improve the KOL better according to the analysis results;
  2. Manage KOL, supervise and guide KOL work, and complete business indicators;
  3. Responsible for docking with the event team, improving the KOL content quality, innovating the content and completing the business indicators through various events;
  4. Responsible for the content operation of KOL and establish a good content ecology.


  1. Good English communication skill, be able to communicate with local KOL;
  2. Love games and live broadcasting, bachelor degree or above, and have relevant working experience as an agent;
  3. Strong communication skills, logical thinking ability, and the courage to innovate;
  4. Good at mobilizing internal resources, strong executive ability and pressure resistance ability, systematic working habit and good professional quality.

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