(Expired) QA Specialist

5 months ago by NZXT

  Industry (California), USA

Level: Junior

Contract: Full Time (Paid)

Sector: Software Engineering

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NZXT is looking for a QA Specialist to help do rigorous testing with various software applications and CEC testing. The primary focus will be on the CEC testing in which we are testing for all of our systems that are shipped out and to confirm that they are CEC compliant. This role requires someone who is experienced and skilled with using and testing application software. We are looking for an excellent problem solver and communicator who can multitask and interact with management and the rest of the operations team on a daily basis to achieve product goals.


  • Conduct various testing on all systems to confirm that they are CEC compliant.
  • Perform testing on current and upcoming hardware that is going to be available on our store site to make sure they are CEC compliant with the rest of our parts.
  • Report back to operation and management when a system has failed to meet CEC compliance.
  • Help implement warehouse operational system allowing ease of storage and organization.
  • Identify each system on a daily basis based on model variations and record them accordingly into the backend database.
  • Provide technical support to customers, channel partners and sales staff.
  • Work with our QA team to help implement scripting and automation testing.
  • Coordinate hardware/software troubleshooting tasks.
  • Coordinate installation and set-up of desktop computer hardware and software.
  • Assist with ordering, receipt, and distribution of technology related supplies.
  • Coordinate set-up and support of hardware and software.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned.


  • 1-2 years of experience in testing application software and technical support.
  • The willingness to learn new disciplines and processes related to software application quality.
  • Great attention to detail for observing errors and bugs through application testing.
  • Excellent Oral and written communication skills to make bug reporting clear and concise.
  • The Ability to be self-motivated, organized, and to prioritize tasks to meet project deadlines.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Computer Engineering, or related discipline.


We are gamers, builders, and PC enthusiasts on a mission to help realize the PC as the best possible gaming platform. Our company is staffed with creative, motivated people who truly love what we do and we are dedicated to making it easy, fun, and rewarding to build the gaming PC of your dreams. NZXT’s core values are:

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  • Demonstrate Courage - Go beyond what's expected. Do not compromise or fear making mistakes.
  • Be Humble - Confidence is vital, but there's always more to know and achieve.
  • Accept Responsibility - What we think, say, and do must be in complete alignment. Own victory and defeat.
  • Look Further - Great ideas come from anywhere, not just our industry. Expand where you seek inspiration

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