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(Expired) Co-Founder - Node/React Dev - Worst Job In Esports

9 months ago by Origin

Remote (Anywhere)

Job Level:

Contract: Part Time (Paid)

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This job is awful. Why anyone would want it, I have no idea. I’ve chosen it for myself though, and I’m looking for another pain loving soul to join me. Please find some of our amazing benefits and perks below:

  • Little to no pay
  • Long hours
  • No guarantee of success
  • No set in stone road map
  • Bugs in our product and a messy code base

You still here? What the hell is wrong with you? Well, since you’re still reading, maybe you’re my kind of guy (or gal)! Let me tell you who I’m looking for…

I’m hunting for a bad-ass Node.js/React Ninja to be my technical co-founder and take equity in our company. You need to have a steel backbone and the ability to drive through problems with complete solutions.

The Person

  • Node.js/React developer
  • Executed a project from start to finish
  • Handful of spare-time to work on Origin.gg
  • Knowledge/passion for esports

The Perks

  • You will be co-founder and take a nice chunk of equity
  • You can work remotely
  • There will be nobody looking over your shoulder
  • You’ll have autonomy
  • Your new partner has a track record of success
  • You’ll be required to game
  • You can make an impact in an industry you love

The Product

Product is 90% built for MVP release. “Finishing touches” and clean up comprise the majority of remaining work to be done (not including upcoming features, those are TBD based on customer needs).

The 3-month game plan for Origin.GG is to get the MVP out into the hands of real users. 100 customers is the target. We’ll use that feedback to improve the product. We are looking to achieve frequent usage (aka real value creation) before pumping marketing.

Future development is divided into two parts. Internal tooling (retention tools, comms, reporting, etc.) and customer facing features. The priority between the two will ebb and flow, but in theory, about 75% of work should be customer facing.

If you have the coding chops this is a project you will be able to execute in your spare-time. Our competitive advantage isn’t our code, none of our features will be technically difficult for you.

How to apply

Send your CV and cover letter below and let's jump on Discord and have a chat.

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