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(Expired) Writer/Podcaster

4 months ago by Popped Off!

  Remote (Anywhere)

Level: Entry

Contract: Volunteer

Sector: Writing

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Popped Off! Is a media that focuses on personality and story-driven content that is driven by passion and (sometimes unhealthy) obsession.

We are looking for content creators that focus want to focus on podcasts or written articles and stories.Anyone that wants to create something around their passion for esports, video games or nerd culture in general.

What we can offer you:

The ability to work on different types of content you may be interested and making your ideas a reality regardless if it’s a new podcast, videos series or interviews with your favorite players.

Close and personal relationships with those who founded the brand and other team members. We’re not aiming to make you a number, we want to support you in the content you’re passionate about.

Future opportunities at payment through ad revenue, partnered content and more. (This is not guaranteed, but it is ideal that we are able to support you in the content that you make for us)


Creating a predetermined amount of content each week that is established when you join based on your schedule and personal situation.

Communicate clearly and attend required team meetings. Communication is key especially if emergencies arise, or if a deadline cannot be met.

Promote your own content on social media! This may be obvious, but having numerous social media accounts to promote your own content is super important.

Be professional in your content and conduct. We want you you to take pride in your work, and where we we can provide the resources, we want you to produce high quality content on your end. This also encompasses social media as well.

Popped Off! Is looking for writers/podcasters for all esports including:


League of Legends



Apex Legends


Call of Duty

Rainbow 6: Siege


Please submit a 300-500 word sample piece, a link to a video you’ve created, or a document outlining the podcast you would want to create.

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This job has expired and applications are now closed.