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(Expired) Compliance Specialist

4 months ago by Psyonix

  San Diego (California), USA

Level: Intermediate

Contract: Full Time (Paid)

Sector: Software Engineering

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Psyonix is a video game developer located in downtown San Diego. Best known for Rocket League, the award-winning game that combines soccer, driving, and highly competitive and addictive game play, we are an industry-leading game studio rooted in a crunch-free philosophy that emphasizes a healthy work-life balance.

We are looking for a qualified Compliance Specialist to join the existing team in identifying all compliance issues for all title supported consoles. As a Compliance Specialist you will help develop and execute Compliance Test Plans and track test coverage per product. You will provide feature and design consulting for Developers and clear any roadblocks or confusion centered around particular requirements or implementation. The Compliance Specialist works in conjunction with the QA team, mentoring and utilizing staff members to assist in ensuring 100% compliance throughout the product on all platforms.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Execute, archive and audit Compliance test sweeps on a regular basis to ensure accurate, efficient testing for all involved staff members
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of Compliance Test Plans, Screen Test Plans and Build Reports
  • Assist in coordinating and managing 3rd party testing services to ensure test performance and resources are effective
  • Allocate additional staff members to Compliance testing and coordinating sweep cycles with QA to ensure targeted effective coverage
  • Effectively mentor and assist others in QA methodology and compliance testing procedures
  • Assist in reviewing, maintaining and escalating compliance issues in the database to the appropriate stakeholder to seek resolution
  • Communicate with first party developers through support sites for any waivers, feature implementation and to understand compliance requirements
  • Generate effective and productive test strategies for a given project


  • 3+ years of Compliance experience with Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One or related platforms
  • Expertise in identifying and reporting Compliance issues
  • Ability to use independent judgment, sometimes outside of established procedures, to support the development of new and enhanced technical tools
  • Good understanding of and experience with modern gaming consoles and associated software
  • Must be able to learn, comprehend and apply new concepts, techniques and procedures quickly
  • Strong work ethic, self-motivated, and able to make critical decisions in high risk situations
  • Must be able to work collaboratively and communicate effectively within a team environment
  • Solid organizational, time management and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills; both verbal and written

Preferred Requirements

  • Adept in navigating and submitting support threads and waivers through DevNet/GDNP
  • Understanding of platform libraries and utilizing SDK/XDK samples
  • Comprehension of utilizing SDK/XDK tools (i.e Neighborhood/Xbox Manager)

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This job has expired and applications are now closed.