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(Expired) Consulting Manager

4 months ago by Smith and Klein Management Consultancy

  Remote (Anywhere)

Level: Entry

Contract: Volunteer

Sector: Operations

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Smith and Klein Management Consultancy. At Smith and Klein we aim to offer a comprehensive external consulting opportunity to all e-sport organisations which are aiming to hit a different level of exponential growth or going through a time of change but also we offer the help to the start out e-sport organisations and we offer them the support and help which isn't offered by anyone else. We want to help you as helping is us.

The role of Director of (regional) Consulting, is an offer of 3 roles, these roles are: Director of European Consulting, Director of Northern American Consulting and Director of Asia and Oceania Consulting. The role is totally voluntary and isn't paid as the consulting is all of our 'spare time jobs' and we look for you to work hard in your spare time outside of work or education to offer this service. The role is aiming to attract E-sport manager which are people who have large amounts of experience in the day to day running of an organisation and are looking to grow their knowledge in an environment which will boaster more than just their e-sport knowledge.

In the role, you have a large amount of devolved powers from the owners, you will be in charge of recruiting potions under yourself, delegating work, helping with organic lead generation, bring in clients, working with clients for their goals and many more.

This role could also claimed to be called "head of general management" in an e-sport organisation.

We are willing to listen to all applicants and offer opportunities.

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This job has expired and applications are now closed.