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(Expired) On Camera Personality

1 year ago by Splyce

Rochester (New York), USA

Job Level:

Contract: Full Time (Paid)

Sector: Talent

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Are you:

  • Fun and engaging on camera?
  • Love traveling to esports and other gaming events?
  • Interact well with other esports and gaming fans?
  • Great on social media and interacting online?
  • Do you have a unique voice?
  • Interested in growing your personal brand?
  • Have a pure love and joy toward esports, gaming, and geek culture?
  • Willing to relocate?

We are searching for a second full-time on camera talent to work alongside Shidosha (current on camera talent) as the public faces of Splyce. For this position, we are primarily interested in female applicants, as we currently have one male talent already on staff.

Your life might look something like this while working here:

  • Travel to 2-3 events a month, sometimes for a single day, sometimes a bit longer, to experience the event, talk to fans, play games, watch competition and create content. All of it for social media and with you in front of the camera. At smaller events, ideally we would send yourself with a kit and a content plan, other times you may have a crew with you and even a co-host, but in both scenarios you come out of it with an amazing experience of the event that fans can see through your eyes on social media and through video content
  • Host regular shows a few times a week at our production studio. One show might be about the esports industry as a whole, one might cover 101 of esports, and another might be the catch-up on scores/highlights across Splyce teams
  • Maybe once a week you host a Splyce game night at one of our store fronts that we’re opening, where fans come in to play games with Splyce staff/players and the entire event is streamed live
  • Somewhere in between you’re working with the content department on content plans, looking at what worked from previous events and how we can adjust coverage for future events to be more successful, what new equipment and strategies we should be utilizing in our coverage of events, and maybe even new event types we haven’t been going to before being added from your suggestion
  • Of course during all of this you’re still engaging on social media, likely putting out some of your own content (maybe personal streaming?) and continuing to do what got you here in the first place of creating content that you are passionate about
  • Generally be creative with our strategy team in how we can continue to get better at generating content and utilizing our influencer team to grow the Splyce brand
  • And other stuff I’m sure I’m not thinking of right now because this is the type of position where your creativity will influence how the position evolves over time.

This type of job is not for someone who waits to be told what to do. We are looking for people who are passionate about gaming/geek culture to a point where they have so many ideas of things they want to work on that they’re bursting at the seams. This is your opportunity to come in, sit at the forefront, and be a voice that shapes the image of one of the world’s most successful esports teams. Self-starter is an absolute must.

Location: Rochester, NY - this is where our HQ is and all the staff you’d be working with. It’s an awesome city, very inexpensive to live in, and has easy access to fly almost anywhere. The gaming culture is also really rad, including being home to the video game museum hall of fame.

Important Note: We don’t care if you’re already famous or not. If you bring an audience with you, that’s great, but if not, that’s ok too. What we’re looking for is the right folks who have experience and embody the Splyce brand and who we’d want in front of a camera representing us into the future.


  • Please get creative here! I don’t want a resume and cover letter to be the thing that shows me that you’re right for the job. Examples of past work, ideas you have that could be executed, even making something right now to show us what you’re capable of are just a few of the ideas - but please feel free to come up with your own! This is a creative position, so we want to see your creativity put into your application.


  • Skilled on-camera talent with previous experience in gaming/esports/nerd culture.


  • Full-time pay with medical, vision, dental, life and long term disability benefits. You also get to attend a ton of awesome esports and gaming events on our dime - not a bad benefit!

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This job has expired and applications are now closed.