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About LXG 

League of Extraordinary Gamers™ (LXG) is an esports organization committed to providing a platform for gamers to express their passion for games. We are a young, budding esports organization aimed at building some structure for esports in Nigeria.

The organization generally aims at raising the profile of esports in Nigeria and Africa as a whole but also organizes periodic competitive gaming tournaments which attracts the best of gamers who compete for a prize. 

LXG's ultimate dream is to elevate console and PC game tournaments to viable competitive and spectator events in an esports arena with professional esports athletes and fans. We want gamers to see esports as a career they can pursue and help their families out of poverty. 

The popular games we participate in at the moment include FIFA and PES. This is owing to the fact that our country is football crazy but then, shooting, fighting and racing games are also popular. 

We are looking for a volunteer who would help with building a structure for esports and so the following are what we need 

  • Desire to be part of a group developing esports in the largest market in Africa
  • Deep knowledge of building an esports organization in its infancy
  • Mentorship of LXG
  • Creative developmental ideas

It is okay to work remotely from your city as we can always communicate online.

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