eSports Shoutcaster
2 months ago by RIVALCADE
Tampa (FL), USA Full Time

As a Rivalcade Shoutcaster, your informative and entertaining insight into professional eSports competitions will light up on-air broadcasts and off-air written content. Drawing on your gaming experience and sprinkling in your unique personality, you’ll either drop knowledge bombs as color commentary or bring order to chaotic team fight play-by-play. Of course, you’ll spin intriguing tales for hours if no one stops you, but you can wield the pen as ruthlessly as your rapier-like wit, slicing through the chaff to get to the wheat of written content.

  • An on-air personality: you’re as charismatic casting for an audience of millions as you are narrating your buddies’ basement game nights; you add flavor that’s more filet mignon than Salisbury steak to any broadcast
  • An eSports fan: Whether it’s MOBA, FPS, RTS, Sports, Fighters, Racers, or Sims, you enjoy watching different kinds of eSports and understanding the nuances that drive fans to love them
  • Crazy for eSports: your passion for eSports goes beyond the games; you know your stuff and you meticulously follow every pro match, tournament and team to keep current with the global eSports competitive scene
  • A team player: while you’re comfortable flying solo, you're better when your team joins you in the fray
  • Travel-ready: you love to travel and don’t even believe in jet lag, so you’re ready to hop a plane whenever you need to cover any event; you’re prepared to uproot for a while to support long-term eSports initiatives wherever they might happen
  • Deliver a compelling and exciting broadcasts along with written content on a weekly basis for
  • Delve into pro eSports teams across global leagues, augmenting your previous knowledge with in-depth research
  • Help construct a weekly narrative for each matchup being broadcast
  • Give and receive actionable feedback during weekly team-review sessions
  • Ensure consistent brand messaging and clear communications across all media, including web content, broadcast and social media

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eSports Producer
2 months ago by RIVALCADE
Tampa (FL), USA Full Time
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eSports Producer
2 months ago by RIVALCADE
Tampa (FL), USA Full Time